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Classical scarf

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  • 00:12: mainly of course we nose and large shawls from large shawls It can already be very beautifully decorate their clothes so I'll it'll show you how It is the very first way is folding handkerchief flagellum or the caste that is, we make He cove add up
  • 00:34: dress to the neck and as well as tying cap that you only that they there showed such Here's a way Now it turns scarf of tray handkerchief usually my fold in half and women's rights always tie if we are making here end of the you see here it turns out we both
  • 01:00: who is not my always beautiful look for to lay the handkerchief it must be nice not fold in half and gather like this here's a way crease then fit his badge you wear tips and then distributes the young It drapes you in your bladder is not necessary this It lies on clothes for clothing decoration the tray also serves as a
  • 01:31: as well as a small mine hour show the same the best way to on shock and a large scarf So I pick one second side of the handkerchief laying aside you It remains little corner this little corner of the little corner throws neck and tied the rosettes that we happened we get charge of the shawl can be
  • 02:02: make apache collar hours will show you how foldable in half and then , and diagonally you it turns out here such design you are logged on back and you wear forward and tied . this is called a fight car wash tied. not steps forward can
  • 02:30: be so tips remove you such a collar way collar apache can be tied handkerchief in such a way that you have a pullup one side and you carry it forward winter autumn spring we need we had closed neck to make it It was pretty closed and bristled not prevented during assembly Ford or buttoning raincoat or there this way
  • 03:00: tying a rolling you just above his nose the market and tied under the bottom uzelochki podborodochkom then turn down the light you it turns out that's a collar small stands as a photo of you tying a handkerchief Of course you must know knotting sites but there is Now use it
  • 03:31: this accessory is as a buckle for PLO. it is not simple to application of very It looks nice now show several ways how to tie scarves and scarves with it with this with these accessories take a sip fold it tie
  • 04:00: dress at the neck take answer two tip headscarf threading them into the buckle and derive the mitten here we get Here's a clip but and from this point buckle can be handkerchief made from
  • 04:30: shawl can be made rosettes take out straighten and We turn on the flank obtained a chop buckle can not only the two tips stick and poke of the opposite side then threaded one snip the end of one side and the other is passed other rings
  • 05:08: no more streaks I need this way to carry a large handkerchief from buckle can do just such a original Thing garment decoration gather neatly one edge try a simple were cut as much as possible straighter and a second edge
  • 05:35: you get it here such a small a piece of this piece necessary to pass here in the buckle, and so that's a bit difficult now after a few training your We will wander a matrix It turned leaked flower Now
  • 06:00: mate here this is passed here This tip is threaded here fix and you can draw in bring to the neck look something like that's nice and original buckle
  • 06:30: Now this tip is passed in gap here song before is formed, and that's This tip is threaded in the loop and tighten obtained such a floret