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Prayer about rescue of the Russian people the Metropolitan Vitaly - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: and I do not the rescue e as an expert in Kazan Earlier this month, less e
  • 00:32: Bakhtin that right now most need for Russian people read on endlessly from the party that often created they grow like mushrooms after a good friend and each party proposes to treat their networks Russian revival Eurovision economy and other without realizing it
  • 01:04: it is necessary to update the Russian heart and today in the hearts you do nothing you know all know that figure for its personal experience that promise that you can not do any work not all here cause coma will argue bewildered years Iran such a difficult there Ilyich Ltd. All Russian I once again request
  • 01:36: it devastated no fees desolated but on a completely empty and now we need to fill it and the need to fill their prayer But when the Russian people will Alexi heart tons which is 37 more than stop because heart dictates throughout dictates in arms and legs around the man he and his dictates how to do what to do to make the best
  • 02:06: it's a secret even every man and especially the Russian people that He called himself holy Russia These words came low Benecke Ministry it does not get out of papier rah scientist writers it is usually not only letters Russian people the Lord himself, and that's so named
  • 02:36: nor dried up and write to anyone these names she went and poems and the heart of the person praying wax yes there is Holy Rus Rus and this is a big responsibility member of Russia will be better percent November from
  • 03:08: this released complete the passion I had moments and Ashdod and to have consumed so according to many a hunter herself surrendering four strongest athletes for good bright as the cries of 3 returned Merciful Lord forgive day and mini Football grace Ukraine Visit
  • 03:38: lyrics carry the spirit of Europe doctor baptism normal living many women agree with you Magadan pensioners but the forces of Ukraine defended to save them and the heart of our chelnintsy true value n all this well ns
  • 04:14: minutes ninth rub 3 July final percent percent
  • 04:48: percent when I I him percent Yes till
  • 05:19: at Toyota city center I yay ed about percent Here it is necessary to pay the most
  • 05:57: focus in the heart of the Russian people to anonymity but prayer in the election commissions and the brothers sisters It is not so much emotional It is not so much with the intellectual it is a science, and all sciences so I think Our main tragedy the whole human race who are we we think one we feel more
  • 06:28: says anniversary We are making the fourth Abbas did not Krylov all loans terrorist attack Learn the whole human race so here when we pray from Terek bailiff we have a very prayer-book We have all the powers it be held the human soul it
  • 07:00: in one pack because always in front of us It should be a torch of fire higher that we may have directed many be reach its pressure parking exhaust supreme spiritual Pakhomov title the highest spiritual and these figures Spirituality pray without ceasing and how it is done and like this estimate and asked him to pray heart
  • 07:30: and we prayed ITAR-TASS only yes it is It gives so much joy Silence all participants in nature and then we will pay and we will pay for wrinkles if not completed so that we can So Bring the OSCE tries sins and we will never forget and we want to then again I moved to this state or it is a condition that is not They do not just want the happiness of the same the right word
  • 08:01: it was now the economy goes on earth feeling Mid tons of copper from anyone tried writing see heart boxing Kazanka answers All these explain everything in all human heart of man Kiev is dynamic and it wrote his personality and set of It is located in the heart the man, who highly educated on all assets valued employment Astana
  • 08:32: incoming Encyclopedia of Encyclopedia though what which he although he knows Muscovites but he has no heart and he Hoboken as a cry UGC a simple man molchok who pray with the heart nothing He knows and will heat but what peasant remember and Dostoevsky remember honors it again and you will see how much it will arrive stress how much of it the heart and love
  • 09:04: is to defend It has the ability to independence if you do so, we then we want to be able to return to this Due to the dynamic and there to be afraid and infinite degree prayer God forbid us at least get on the first rung on youtube real prayer prayers heartfelt and again there will be a revival of all Russia so simple
  • 09:35: dozens and dozens of programs trick political and social social all Russian battle praying and will be argued Russia will turn again perfectly Phone on the ground Kazan experts bright page m