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  • 00:00: hello today we find ourselves again mysterious magic the world of old things with history if you accumulated enough a large number of small cloth scraps width of 12 cm and a height 10 centimeters you using our recommendations today's lesson for the evening will be able to collect just such a wonderful skirt note Patchwerk all different but they form a 1 uniform in color
  • 00:30: ghanaian who does not throw eyes that she assembled from separate fragments, and they all the same that is module will be like a trapezoid time specified Size Height 10 cm and a width 12 centimeters this skirt is good you can not preliminary measurements of constructing linden otshit any of any length and size a child and a large adult woman and currently a favorite remarkable
  • 01:25: they are also in the allotted 30 minutes, you will not be able sew so much thing we share
  • 01:31: primary technological the release of secrets transfer independently and finish it processed neat roller has a cottage Belt gum paste and treat yourself new wonderful we are working with food This module module unit that repeated in module Our skirt is here this trapezoid height my trapeze 10 centimeters and from
  • 02:00: rectangle trapeze separated from I half cm but this module different skirts can we can be different trapeze take here such a long or here it is such a high also trapeze and we We may collect from such of those of these modules we cut out of pressboard template and do
  • 02:30: blank I am working scissors because most often work not finished a large cloth and a small residues which remain on the sewing pillowcases cushions covered children's shirts so all that I not accumulate They are waste and They are small constituents to have other some things so I work scissors and you if you're comfortable looking for any easy
  • 03:02: tool for you there is one little secret mean when we add up to face face two blanks the scribbling desirably from greater base trapezoids why because here it goes under the cloth angle and foot have machines will stretch this tissue just here in this direction so to this one this bevel to avoid we like to scribble precisely the opposite
  • 03:30: direction of more wide base to a narrower one moment, we cut out no allowances for you why we navigate with SEWING, the width of the foot will usually 0 5 or 0 to 75 in different machines but in principle all the same width It will be the same so the module general, we all It will be about the same and besides In order to have a typewriter markup if you you can conveniently to focus on
  • 04:00: razmetochku on your platform sewing machine it is desirable to sew pieces such way chain not interrupting or cut thread we save thread This is very important in currently a In addition it rather a job if you have at hand they are stacked face to the person you will be it is more convenient if the child let you file person already folded to
  • 04:30: face your workpiece We collect first then pairs already collect from page Scientists chain between so that in a eventually you Get more big long a long chain of your modules than this skirt is comfortable with us will be one only stachnoy seam which connects
  • 05:01: then all ranks and 100 workpiece than comfortable we can use the men shirt fabric there sufficiently soft and Plastic her convenient to operate skirt It will not be hard if You're from if you use different fabrics that it is desirable that they were either close in color or in one weight category undesirable
  • 05:30: for example linking drop and thinner some cotton fabric yes because coattails will lie uneven finished skirt there will be enough wide bottom so you can connect but to different cloth they were the same density
  • 06:13: and a long preform we if we sew well, a barrel
  • 06:31: over and if we We want her to tight against the waist and hips there tight enough wrap around discover our procurement if we want to skirt dressed through head so we do small stock so much so that the conditional we skirt the past, we we put here rezinochku across the chest and remove it through
  • 07:01: could be removed over my head so I'm conventionalize mark as I do smell and a lower base first trapeze I will sew the upper edge next row I note bulavochkoy place here grinding
  • 07:32: so you do not be afraid that you there will be too much the height of the previous trapeze is very not afraid because and then we cut, we We try to remove shot through the head but if it is removed we go It means the width will be sufficient to then in order to later put skirt over her head here and imagine yourself as you brush
  • 08:00: potatoes or clean orange and you will one single stachnym seam just not interrupting now here she laid you the lower edge and the upper edge and that's how we go to sew one seam and very convenient handle this seam because we then or will likely Kelly zigzag stitch just not punctuated
  • 08:31: all articles skirt in general, that can be on the small resolution and 44 and 54 and so it is very easy to Generally you do not need a long time to do but who get very spectacular outfit skirt can be done and on the lining and without lining
  • 09:00: it is at the discretion matter who it is wear sewing procedure uncomplicated technologically but it a time-consuming since the seam will long enough number of pieces
  • 09:31: here will big enough the length of the skirt too whoever controls it you can wear it do any length sometimes if the fabric over a length you do not like you just can skirt postpone until until Still need to find quantity
  • 10:00: suitable fabric This is the beginning of the beginning and we are thus all subsequent rows one and only suture together in each row sewn like orange peel
  • 10:31: here's skirt once in We ended up here the fabric is a trapezoid we connected with new party our preparations long and we We continue our work if the top of the
  • 11:00: tight skirt It adjoins enough tight to waist and hips that at the bottom due to the fact that we Keystone has a lower base more broad then we get no wedges wedges effect skirt years sufficiently broad and very effective and you can do not just skirt sundress but if you'll measurements do not waist like we showed
  • 11:30: and from the breast exactly the same effect by adhering tightly breast we get a very a sundress for expectant mother such yes there when freedom movement need a skirt can collect not only from trapezoids and from triangles because that is our shablonchik Our trapeze if we him and geometric
  • 12:00: divided into triangles and carve not trapeze that's how we yes but a triangle on the we may collect from of smaller to more details of small pieces of tissue they still end up give effect trapeze that is, if you approach creative problem we can one some technology get reception big enough number of options will be especially interesting effect if we will work down
  • 12:30: trapezoid triangles of a cell or tissue they will strip you can play the strip e.g. from tissue strip so horizontally vertical diagonal can get very wondering if we sew a skirt for for a small child girls Skirt length is rather small so we trapezoid we can do a little wider, we
  • 13:01: We moved away from the base half centimeter to if the rectangle we do baby thing is to achieve sufficiently broad cliché we can do not half as two or even two and a half because the number of rows here such trapezoids It will be reduced by adult better to do small somewhere to half centimeters otherwise it will be very to the deprivation and very severe blank I while if over
  • 13:31: length is enough that we can to iron and skirt finish it It will be the length Italian yet Lena is very good length for summer things so you can about we finish direct shovchik down in this normal principle
  • 14:00: as they lie first from the wrong under the iron hand our ranks, then the same thing we do with I'm not the front side It became the beginning clarify that the fabric We need to work ted the pradika there is moistened with water so that they give natural weave
  • 14:30: because the world and I I am working with fabrics who have already many times erased and therefore Generally they have good enough already got the process operating socks If you are working with the new fabrics Of course they need to be wet so they then after first wash sowing different all tissue differently sit not spoiled thing
  • 15:04: and you need to check down very important thing is preliminary of metochka on which we then we will orientate Marshall bottom line already on the table can be
  • 15:31: work safely in pencil only no undesirable stamp process work to do ballpoint pen because it is at ironing supplies durably and trace forever to the eternal we take a pair of scissors and
  • 16:00: Moreover, for the line which is just that we have noted Now we cut off our trapeze somewhere are cut off at the bottom better go somewhere to naught here is how oK Do Skirt bottom is still have one
  • 16:32: length skirt finish you can either oblique inlay or sew frill or as we processed in the usual her skirt and top too, can be treated bias binding roller and paste to thin rubber I'll show it to ready to skirt the same way sewn skirt module is also hurry it kazhi
  • 17:00: Keystone bottom here handled scythe contrasting inlay You can slash Bakey make and color of the fabric It can be done false hem just treated edge take down and put or on a thin cobweb glue or if not impede you can go and Manual Flush seam as did our grandmother but they are not afraid of manual work even to the extent here and the top processed or by gum if we did reserve so easy
  • 17:33: take a little where some 45 centimeters oblique Bakey also wider width 45 cm if we do a number of gum do it It can be made on already two centimeters for example here I I decided to make rezinochku in three layers so I did wide enough inside hem