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  • 00:00: Hello We continue the topic about tomatoes so they have We grew at almost meter continue their break off cabling and leave for better blue like here we are with you Now that's saying honestly look like how to tie further here parcels below so so it does not interfere with them We do not interfere with each other and ovaries were his uniform see here already many leaves become
  • 00:30: many leaves here these lower leaves can already break off look here here forester what's this sheet can be broken off let's say half the whole is not necessary break off because it is still a feeding It goes through the sheet for tomato and here can be dangerous break off but the foliage interfere with the supply of will we break off completely here's what
  • 01:00: So he turned stepson look at the package again went parcels also we do break out here's a look at here they are here they are make and here see it here stepson so he stepson, but he has He conducts himself as a self as a normal like tomato Normal stem and Now look at it see also go pas encore from the right was necessarily all meaningful We agreed to start up stepson as a separate stem as well as Tomato Tomato's
  • 01:31: the main stem Now he, too, pinch look from sending already see Now here it is but a brush If we brush this Let it be so here here here here in this place it forms a tomato we do not have what it all we break out of its it broke out on tall tomatoes and here Now we will continue look, there are other tomatoes that undersized right there these premises top it is not necessary to break down because there end top of all
  • 02:00: there is formed here the upper bowl and on tomatoes that's all do not grow It depends on the variety here these recommendations here only for tall tomatoes so when broken see whether the tomatoes on crown precisely here here it is here it's it is small small see here Now she goes to window that's here now next to the brush on the if such a top top no means Ambassador to the top is not rush to break off it
  • 02:31: go as the main stem and then at basic tomato can Okushko end and growth so stop CEMI's on top that do not go rush to break off side here these the lower you can break and the top of the upper look attentively we see the leaves released corridor sheet can cheat not all just here it piece by piece Now that they are not here They touch each another to here air and walked
  • 03:00: tomatoes so they have poured see here poured Orkney's is 2 2 2 post stem that is, he get now here at the main brush tomato and here's another one brush and in the middle will brush from this stepson one double vrazhin shelves could be 3 but it put the stem It will already be difficult and this
  • 03:30: see another time of formation bush so let his own You may very well inox below is another course give another type here let see the bottom See our dangerous I went to morning here we go tying him to he was with a brush he will bring while lead 3 And let
  • 04:00: So he eats the stem I went in to us which formed by the first brush 61 centimeters brush result of this tomato will be 3 stem and now look here there's a brush here brush and so it is more that's all go tomato will be like covered with vines Tomatoes are usually for sunny so we they act on method tomatoes medium-sized smaller
  • 04:31: food so they will ripen here small tomatoes so they do not need many nutrients substances and they just it ripens well let's look at another Low-growing varieties because there a bit different here an example here and here Apples in the snow He undersized grade early-early he gave very earlier but we then we turned Now put
  • 05:00: know it had to be previously put on the window that's where the leaves grow inside they need to plan and here see here the stem grows and Here's take a look here top over brush Now the crown brush finish here the same that is the point of growth as such there is no faith no longer will so here we must leave it here stepson so he thrown village here
  • 05:30: it is his need save Here, too, there's supply here it here it is out here it should be to nag if he goes into growth it is dangerous so we then tie this tomato, if not will it mean remain here such Now all the points cap growth but will not why such when tomatoes break off on sneakers, too, see I think if you have tomato growth pictures break if
  • 06:00: no mean We try stepson upper arch in crown and get it is further That's about the harvest so that's what I like you tell you about tomatoes tall de stunted early and later questions to Ask regards peppers but remember we are about miller flower
  • 06:30: we went on branching Bitch 2 of these soups formed two this way and a result of out - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 tops and at every But on top of here 3-4 flower from twenty to thirty flowers we do then We recalculate it is well you see for yourself Here you can find
  • 07:00: here's show Here's where that is, but where you another sort of Now even the color plan own cats are all here So they developed was conducted They are already starting to bloom but before we lost two but expresses the week but we got a great bush here like this