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  • 00:00: hello today I will cook chocolate cake with curd balls 250 grams of cottage cheese gave 3 tablespoons starch 50 grams of sugar 50 grams of coconut chips and 2 yolk I will mix with the help of potato cat call Split mold bottom diameter 26 centimeters
  • 00:30: Cover the paper for baking of the bumpers lubricated blends for forms will form arms balls and evenly distribute them to the bottom form at the site of Mix 2 tablespoons cocoa 2 2 tablespoons flour tablespoons starch polchaynoy Spoon vanilla and teaspoon disintegrant 6 protein
  • 01:01: sobyu to stable foam up to 30 grams of sugar and 100 new to sustainable peaks 4 yolk prevailed 30 grams of stators lush mass add 50 grams
  • 01:30: melted in the water bath black chocolate well I will score alternate Receiving dry add 3 and the mixture was whipped whites
  • 02:04: fill with cheese balls preheated to 175 degree oven I put on the form average and bake 35 minutes and then my cake form
  • 02:30: 10 minutes so that it slightly cooled for daisy mixed distort grams chocolate thereto He added two tablespoons tablespoons of cream and one tablespoon butter all melted on water bath
  • 03:09: good combination coconut and curd chocolate subscribe to Channel place husky write comments I share your friends I wish you a pleasant appetite