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  • 00:00: Hello again we continue our video tutorials, and I want to talk to him about desktop and many course bored here such here boring pictures are not animates just nothing picture and other you want to search say there are support video wallpaper called that is, we have all the same way icons and shortcuts
  • 00:30: but instead our Pictures will be very nicely animate it Aquarium where landscape some that is they animate just like the picture this is done go the opera that is winter comes to anyone here is our site that is
  • 01:03: but a lot of these sites for some reason, I have chosen one that is here all Topics . Su ie design work desktop windows so he site in the area of the site write video and links below so choose the video wallpaper and here you scroll all what you I want to let the game there may well choose
  • 01:36: nature film Here we offer watch video how will look this is even for This video wallpaper the desktop so now we will have to desktop, and so we download that it is bad we site
  • 02:06: It offers download sharing I certainly suddenly God I have not tried register once reluctance sharing with you Know that it is long but but then in effect suits you, I will not download because I have already downloaded and so then the law Pautov Assistance comes to
  • 02:37: second page write us offers how to apply video wallpaper windows 7 for for download the program dreams can activate our and I also Links Contact this the program below is as it was only races it weighs a little Vlad 239 kilobytes but I also
  • 03:07: download anything I retained well, then I will tell itself that is wrong here so the price of course I clearly understood himself from the action Only 2 Note only help text of the decision as well I do not set I will hide were a lot of mistakes which was not there
  • 03:37: described and so go as you all Download closing here I completely downloaded and dreams can activate our What are opening dream scans activator and here it is our program double-click and there is something there Here he gives the scanner even click on his forehead out several window
  • 04:07: your on them pay attention and close it can close it even drums can as can activate and too close the assembly is no longer Now cool downloaded desirable cheers unzip because the archive this will not happen to of the flesh archive and it You can run through
  • 04:38: player will simple video with sound simple and Now right click and we look there new function with others Omsk click on He and nothing is power here goes Error windows dreams can activate our but the configuration of the this is your screen resolution
  • 05:08: more than exceeded and how fix it what we do in the first we go all in Control Panel folders settings if you look where category selected large icons or there you a list of settings choose options Folders here nothing
  • 05:38: touch the kind of view but there and choose the most down hidden files and folders show hidden files and folders, and drives show use okay then I forgot to tell you you need to restart a system that is as you only established draenor activator need restart
  • 06:11: system or we nothing happens So I rebooted computer on our actions at home Properties computer additional system parameters and choose further with you there is another point perform and further and, behold, we have
  • 06:41: speed click options choose here ensure better view and choose here display thumbnails instead of wardrobe remove apply Okay so now go my documents that is, you will have so here it is just as a hidden folder
  • 07:11: once I remembered There are microsoft and here and windows drums to two image press Right-click Properties set read-only if you will hidden well, although not You should choose just insert only reading and then just
  • 07:41: the only honor your overall then the working Rather, the right-click personalization here select the desktop background table and location Now choose dreams choosing stretch save all
  • 08:12: then go where our dog video the two right-click Crimean scenes every no sound is still well it is better not to interfere will be as well here running all at the same time Of course you'll go so
  • 08:43: just exactly do you do the other wallpaper Well, as I did most I started to do exactly as well as I, and more I will be another because the lesson has exactly again not to wear the same thing to another to get here fish also forever on Assassin I will so that is already a This time he did not move
  • 09:14: to do just it is necessary to stop it pause, she became play nice use subscribe to goodbye