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  • 00:05: whether you can save time by copying files is possible, users spend extra second to find the necessary folder actually repeated the call context menu, right-click up in a single click, and very convenient just for this user the latest versions of windows xp and vista and seven should be a little digging in the registry Help vindouz registry system variety of data base
  • 00:31: settings and operating system settings here eleven marquee information for hardware and software provide the user profile and the like almost all system changes fixed if to get into the system registry at the command prompt Lebedev window opened Registry Editor if you do not want to enter each time the team create a shortcut on the desktop in the location of the object field of the email lease GN assigned to them and it is ready
  • 01:00: even in the left part of the window will be this section now move on to the section context menu roll for the right choose the command to create a partition assigned it a name and code Links that way without gaps still create a partition twice account Default Pauliuchuk and enter the following meaning it can be copied from the comments plot in grams per unit and now the context menu there was a copy fell into the position who by her open window
  • 01:30: if you want to copy elements add a command to move you remember those same actions only instead of a trench that we create a partition gave way to wind another key cool but still would add even steeper in context menu in its position such as running favorite shooter or website link condemned point rubles how to make it look Further 5 and open the Registry Editor, go to the decline this way they create a new section
  • 02:02: We call it Latin letters Now we need string parameters in which we create and ask the signing of the first to translate the game is responsible for the name of the shortcut menu, you can write in Russian second Icahn assign a need to specify the full icon Start the executable file The third parameter position is responsible for location of the team in the menu at the top of Comrade board bottom Now create a sub-clod here twice silk parameters
  • 02:31: Default and specify the full path to executable file if you add Internet freedom separated by a space email address is that's what Now will quickly through context menu go to our website and check the latest news in a similar way you can add any program or Internet pictures Explore optimize the conditions of interest and look often stayed whether