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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I marinate chicken and it will cook oven Tanis we put the potatoes and we will chicken with vegetables Now the moment I marinate overnight chicken is the most common chicken is ice cream for marinating You do not need salt
  • 00:39: to rub salt and spices there are half a lemon strengthen lemon crust, in principle, like this marinate inside outside of squeezing lemon We leave it for the night and a cool place We are going already and
  • 01:11: plugging with potatoes so open with boy all tomorrow have pickled we will prepare potatoes and so we the next morning hen we marinate so Now that we take in
  • 01:43: We have one orange your cloud cut salt spices and potatoes here potatoes before potatoes we fall asleep we are a little bit completely oil in such here this
  • 02:13: glass special for oven we have not I burnt all else we will with oil chicken so on Oil is no longer needed Put the layers potatoes
  • 02:44: it periodically pepper solem Part 1 I will do for drilling and so layer after layer Put the potatoes here we go for more farshiruem chicken and
  • 03:14: It puts everything in chicken's get apples and oranges can can skewers somehow it all fastening it all not not fallen out of the well, because of the possibility of there is unprincipled but how we we will turn
  • 03:44: it is desirable to all falls out inside you can lay down Anything that someone love can lay down prunes can be Apples can lay down overlay manager and apricots so on all this hen we are Put in the oven It will be ready prepare Now every preheated oven for one hundred and eighty
  • 04:15: degrees put minutes 10 to 15 with one then hand in other and, in principle, periodically chicken overturn it complete and readiness so send chicken in preheated oven prepared as we chicken actually ready 10 minutes before the we end it
  • 04:45: Now you will discuss and potatoes unhook garlic extruded through spadefoot and cheeses sprinkle with grated here so that's about Get real another 5 10 minutes oven and chicken We will be ready all our cook chicken with potatoes oven so that's
  • 05:18: removal to happen all of you good luck pleasant mood to improvise get the kitchen enjoyment of life while all around