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2011 07 01 A way molds of pies and pies from Irina Moiseyeva - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:03: by popular demand I show I note here are the pies today I am with potatoes
  • 00:32: Here the edge protection offspring of Tokyo that's the issue here on this aside time this country time the fact that voynushka about it icq
  • 01:09: again Vucinic cards but the pie
  • 01:30: here Cossack m Now here's the cat on this story Now cells I try Now this land it here vaccination this time here here if we get a
  • 02:01: mind tons in each of her friends cues I heard as a challenge we take another Now this part Now this part Now here came inside
  • 02:31: attach times now this part daewoo motor Poland received as a triple so come, even if you are not there It will jam counter does not disperse except that in the same way I fix Iraq
  • 03:00: But today I have a pie with potato puree shares Irkutskenergo and pieces of butter So I am taking So I specifically chose on the edge to show that is why the lower layer well ns ECB champion
  • 03:30: breast here a discount clear Here's this side now! portraits I have inside to attach
  • 04:00: but this side is now here inside ie here this side Now this party Here it now stick in here inwards
  • 04:31: from the slopes and now a lot inside it turns out that every time the outer layer I am not a professional in terms of shooting handle support is necessary
  • 05:03: here is our turned pie look Woman errors are shooting that's where the top protocol critic he has a very bitter
  • 05:35: I note that we have going on and burnout collections with water sprinkle sesame and we check Rostov This is our cake turned
  • 06:04: thank you try