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  • 00:00: Good afternoon friends and friends are well Welcome to the program and the 21st century my name is now that role and today we bring you a little something for there especially want to leave your bathroom beautiful colorful wants to leave We bring here the guest cristina will teach us to do the carpet wonderful cristina okay then you remember it Welcome to our program on going in telespectadora cancer signs confeccionais perhaps wonderful that We need to grow is we are pet
  • 00:32: we will use a needle No. 4 needle number 4 to knitting to crochet crochet the multicolored strings is 6 your lilac purple raw and the mixed green yellow together they will give this wonderful effect that this tactic we will fabricate gives for us to do the cover toilet mat all
  • 01:02: not so this here is this cover cover this here is the vessel and this is the mat the mat box that the vessel It has those panties to involve toilet and it is involving Here the chicken is done we ball over there the first step is the first step we'll make this base that is
  • 01:33: through this base that we will do petals of flowers to the fire so We need to make a base grow making a base how many doses are required to We fabricate we'll do 28 28 flowers flowers concerned are 28 bump 38 flowers excuse 3838 bases of these laws or select the game and bathroom
  • 02:04: the whole game right so for the entire game to the sea we'll make 12 points down laws Yes 678 are you're watching 3 making the suggestion masters but
  • 02:36: You can build upon in crisis so we can tall flowers as I did that their tablecloths also that it came orange then I brought here also a suggestion huh only with these colors too blue and pink so actually you can create in top of these things are almost continuous 12 12 points down
  • 03:08: I'll get the first low and make a slip stitch now I will make five little chains 345 I'll get in one place and make a low point a necklace one hello low base in the second we'll do five more little chains this technique we need to have a
  • 03:38: certain ability to make right crochet You need a course is 1645 is not for beginner to those who already have one certain skill these five little chains is where we we make these petals that one let's skip chain on a low we go to the second with one two three four five
  • 04:12: one two three four five one point down a little chain there with low and the second make a point Low rise 5 little chains 5 little chains a necklace a point down 5 little chains need look
  • 04:44: to 16 petals you can pull to the middle become fechadinho then here I will go I will make a little chain we will rise two streams
  • 05:14: We had and we will make a high point darque we will leave five little chain let's take the second high point and make a low two streams We had let's take this a necklace we did here at the base we will make two high points 5
  • 05:44: I will explain this little chain and base because without this basis that you do not They will be able to make this flower the support base is floret this two streams you had good gains this a necklace we did in former career we will rise 2 highlights and 5 345 little chains let's take the second
  • 06:17: high point to a low point two you had chains two little chains highlights five one low point two streams had two high points 5 little chains a point
  • 06:48: down in the second high point two chains had two high points 5 chain on a low 2 two little chains no excuse Here we already do fall prá
  • 07:20: 3rd career then what we will make a loop we take that high point and drop twice here is low and we do two streams had a high point one two three four five little chains will take one second highlight and make two present day and we will for these two
  • 07:53: my chains on the bottom row haiti vessel is another point here that first high we'll do two more highlights 5 a low little chains 355 now we will leave two corretinho grab the bottom so it's little chain here these five little chains I
  • 08:27: did we go to work the petals flowers're the base is will not stand look she gets a little hole it these are but these five little chains that we will work flower now okay then the middle looking step now with the little flower
  • 09:07: 5 that this yellow little chains do not just put in Estapà we will rise 3 little chains and we will make the point high we'll make eight high points interval 3 is a necklace
  • 09:39: chain on a necklace 6 is a 45 7 8 chain on a necklace Now we'll move to the second stone making a necklace we
  • 10:09: to eight high points one point high a necklace us 12 lo 4 5
  • 10:39: 6 78 a necklace we will move to the third stone three bedrooms contained eight points ups at intervals of a necklace
  • 11:17: eight high points with an interval of one cris little chain break and let's go ever since I came back this recovery step Flower of yellow and orange ok come on then okay in a little while we go back to the presence of Cristina Moreira and fernando we make this hash technique