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How to learn the multiplication table - YouTube

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  • 00:05: Good day today, I I want to share with you small tricks at study table so you are multiplying sit down with your child put on the table colorfully decorated multiplication table and analyze and you You see the table multiplying comprises 9 columns in each column 10 examples
  • 00:31: necessarily need learn first 3 the first column and multiplication table 1 2 and 3 and then You can teach table multiplied by 5 as the usually at vyuchivanie These examples are not children experience more difficulties and quickly it's all remember more you pay the child's attention that left him learn all
  • 01:00: some five bars almost half halves multiplication tables he already know then say, see each column provides an example of multiplication by-1 and 10 are you too well you know these things you know how to multiply You can take a marker and designate learned examples right on multiplication tables so the baby He sees that to teach it
  • 01:31: It was much less what happened after you tell your child now need to learn the most difficult examples of those Examples in which the number is multiplied by itself to myself e.g. 4 4 4 4 June 6 7 7 learns
  • 02:01: 8 and 9 8 9 I learned these examples left to learn more less Now pay attention to what you scientists previously poster contains examples that A number of other so many just then there is a change factors and shuffle multipliers work is not changes in such we see that These examples
  • 02:33: 4 2 4 3 has us familiar to some in stacks 2 and 3, and we also they can be marked as previously learned value but previously examples are learned and 5 we have learned as a column 5 we already know here the same thing is each column It takes place markers
  • 03:00: quite clearly shows that teaching there is very little it is in the face multiplied by 2 to 3 and 5 Look left just some crumbs learn the rest in column 4 also necessary learn to memorize from there's no get to here
  • 03:31: these are learned Four examples are also These four examples A number of other columns right is 4 to 6 we note the different 4 7 4 4 8 and 9 once they learned Examples of several columns of table 5 Travel table multiplying our 63 Example only
  • 04:00: but these three examples found in other columns ie 6 7 is a 7 to 6 burn or 6 8 8 6 tagged and the same in the column multiplication 9 left to learn just a little bit 21 and 25 examples Memorize two examples from the multiplication table 7 and
  • 04:32: We learned also table multiplying by 8 to 9 appropriate line and so he 88 and here it is 9 left to teach total consideration One example of this is yes 8 September 9 at 8 all tables multiplying learned I wish you success all the best