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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends and today I I will do only meatballs custom purified meatless vegetarian but taste very good and the way similar to meatballs that's good meat after for this I need chickpeas on a standard peas That's how it looks Here is the I dry pea soak overnight cup chickpeas and here
  • 00:30: They got here they are swollen like You see double he increased the rise can instead chickpea lentils take any color is also nice same soaked overnight or a few hours because she Well, in general softer than been nude in my cup blender or somehow use here am I casting a chopped onion large pieces thereof is cut well, it is
  • 01:00: all will now be ruin oneself by drink when you pour Water Well Consider that somewhere 3 times more water it is necessary to pour and fill it is somewhat tablespoons water just to make it easier beat Well friends here so My looks milled nude way If no blender can take advantage of
  • 01:30: meat grinder, too, all It would be good if you do not like look to look not just add More vodichki sneaky way I I have long grind add more water somewhere Well, I think gram 100 went to this water everything here I have there is still brewed Fig now we are We will mix in report this here this glass I dry measure nude when soaked Now a full glass and when cooked chickpeas arrest took the floor
  • 02:00: cup dry rice and when I looked here Get it as well I spread all here this is all kneaded just add salt and ground black pepper if you love some seasoning already ready then you, too, and additives but I honestly say that recently I do not like my salt and salt and pepper enough By the way here is a combination of
  • 02:31: cereals and legumes our case is rice and here it is very useful for those that We have all essential amino acids complete protein cereal proteins alone other legumes when mix is ​​obtained Here is a complete protein we need to make our the mass was so juicy little if you need to add the little some water so that's no water We ran that was not
  • 03:00: dry to deliciously there was a try itself on taste as how much salt pepper It seems that oil and Now I'm warmed are forming in the body somewhere tablespoon this mass and so with spoons using hand doing so is soft enough they will be those directly balls but plus or minus to make it as beads neatly letting into the oil well
  • 03:31: making it more somewhere five or six pieces I have placed on the once and fire on I do not average a too big to They did not burn the top so that they have time get baked through in middle even how to improve be fried fried until my
  • 04:00: balls I so little by little bothering pay nearly golden will soon to get in gaps in there time right cook gravy means to them already I heated the spoon olive oil to pan where I I send a small chopped onion and grated morkovochku on a coarse grater is can be individually but I add you think there
  • 04:30: be rather afraid but themselves in the middle fire will stew not yet need tomato paste it is desirable to clean here they post there any words with additives here just a part of tomatoes 200g cream with 10 percent me and the water in general nothing here
  • 05:00: You see already bows carrot table such a little soft transparent so the club it's become dry pan is not enough I oil oil I will not pour that was not too fat simply share 5 water some water is all It will continue to stew in readiness for cover, you see they already have me here some crispy here pull out of spread on in which a plate
  • 05:30: laid out with a few wipes to oil drain off of the actual you see already maeshsya meatballs ready and worry if the hot enough oil they do not absorb oil middle only top's oil there it flows on napkin they much more fat I want to say about Now this oil that left to pour it and well as if there are people who want it to next time
  • 06:00: sorry to use They want oil there it does not drain you need to do is very bad for health use one several times and the same oil for frying do not regret it wrong worth a lot of money that's him left on another time our rapping onions with carrots already soft and well try a spoon I add here yet that one spoonful then tomato paste
  • 06:30: I can still see Oratov Of course you can use fresh tomatoes I have not summer today tomato lend me from the good so that's what I she had stirred minute fire and Now I pour some water here and here there must be many because we've Download our here these fried balls here not all of the water is almost
  • 07:01: they absorb a swell or persons increase in size you Russia hopes their size so they do not where one and a half times will become more that's how I stirred the office wait until she boils and then will add salt to taste and if you need to, you can add little sugar is tomato paste while I was sour want more than sugar there you are currently on
  • 07:31: taste as you do tasty way it I add no spices without adding If you love some please Use them to me I want to maximum flavor navel natural well Now tomato paste my full water sold already boiled some minutes, I added Now add the sugar cream can do
  • 08:00: and without cream but they give such delicate flavor like a little tastier for me and stir right here laid etiketochki so they have me just one or two minutes pokipyat close cover here and then they turn off
  • 08:30: will be even 10-15 minutes infuse wrong increase in size and become very soft and such tender right here are juicy inside is very tasty I want to say that the dish is enough calorie and such quite satisfying in Generally you are better than him eat lunch when the sun at its zenith better all works stomach and generally all because digestion that in the morning or evening she was too heavy, I scrolled here and I want to say
  • 09:01: that can be you combine try to make try to sleep there make a lentil green red can different I combine really like to take but different lentils species all together mix it in any proportions there is much I there are so many witnesses sprinkle issue and it turns out differently Sucevita softer they than with chickpeas so try different Find your options most delicious and enjoy Bon Appetit and
  • 09:30: all good so far