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  • 00:00: Good day today I will cook Armenian Ferb on a kazh preparing it simply from special fast hassle and effort and where cooking oparnym way possible if you do not have enough time cook it and bezoparnym way So start and start with preparing dough Couples us You need a glass Water place to 250 milliliters same here add a teaspoon spoon dry yeast let stand for minutes five that we yeast filled moisture and better
  • 00:30: passed in solution Stir it to yeast completely solution and will gradually add meal once a reservation I have to preparation of this bread will go to the general of 500 grams I flour it separately swung and sifted then to this the total number of I of the flour and add to couples took me 230 gram you need to your dough turned out not thick not liquid so that it is no longer dripping from a spoon and consistency was something like oatmeal porridge
  • 01:00: bowl with a pair of close plenochkoj rest for fermenting about somewhere for 3 hours at 4 so the image Opara first start to grow it will increase and then its volume surface covered with burst bubbles folds calculation fall first abscission is a sign ready dough well so you have about It will look for a couple at the end of fermentation and begin to knead dough the remaining flour we add half teaspoons salt half a spoon all sugar
  • 01:30: stir doing flour slide hole then in this paper I pour the brew and gradually adding water where kneading average dough consistency that is she must be but soft enough do not pour the liquid brew and start kneading the dough I knead and knead the dough hands if you have the food processor you may well take advantage of experience in companies the process of kneading, I
  • 02:01: will gradually malone adding water spoil total I He added 100 milliliters of water is It has a view of the device I did not need 350 500 milliliters of water and gram flour you can need water or a little more slightly less as flour everywhere Different, too, to have You get soft and sticky dough I late show Give consistency entire leave even sooner not on the amount of flour she consistency the test is about
  • 02:34: the consistency of the dough it is quite sticky Soft was finished off Only vymeshivat already I can not help if the water you shall not add knead the dough We need sufficient at least for a long time Ten minutes of best 15-20 During this time we have time swell pliko wine flour dough It becomes necessary properties she put others to touch it acquire new properties it gain elasticity
  • 03:00: she plasticity acquires frame Test inside which It is the key good bread in After the dough has be virtually sticky the course will stick but you can already completely quietly, you see, I severed fingers and a I have certainly not absolutely pure but pRINCIPLE OF THE TEST easy enough it is separated from the hand easy going in whom she had not me smear all over Mesquite and it became this elastic plastically you can quite pulled tight
  • 03:30: pull it out of the bear at one time you You start old compare gather in com Cover plenochkoj and leaving heat is doubling in the amount and the name of the ost dough before baking we need powerful welding for welding, we first mix flour and water 30 grams flour 150 milliliters of water Cold as prepare and test for pancakes ie you should have batter without lumps put on fire and constant please be stirring until thick here at you should have
  • 04:00: such liquid koselek remove the pan from the fire and give cool completely if after cooling will thickish you can add more some water a little something turned a watery and a series of tests are not I came grease hand plant since oil dough is sticky and horoshenechko it exchange and 5 test I gather in someone and share
  • 04:31: I half prepare this the number of test 2 here on porridge then each slice I roll up the dough smooth ball it is done here in this way a few times fold the dough half fasten seam roll back ball on the decline
  • 05:01: each piece of dough I will need separate baking that is, I will insist on his a separate baking sheet and it is sold I will I bake the dough greased vegetable oil Put the dough Cover with foil and We leave in a warm for 20-30 minutes and the same most make with the second with the second part of the test as you collect smooth ball
  • 05:31: spread on 2 pan Now in this way also serves plenochkoj also I leave for 20-30 minutes gave us need dough will knead stretch felling or circle evenly over thick and more or less right configuration and is You Do not correct rotation
  • 06:00: it would be of course the dough at first I rolled and further I have stretched it seems that in my option turns smoother surface more aesthetically it all It looks at watch for those that have scripting well-oiled pan because if you do not will turn the dough and you will have bad greased the after baking you bread may stick baking and knead gently dough particularly gently not exchange be getting even
  • 06:30: Further when the thickness you already leveled approximately dough thickness and achieved the desired shape grease welding surface I hand I dipped in the powerful over the moat which we prepared before and then we need will cause characteristic of this bread grooves usually the thickness of the groove somewhere around two and a half three cm is applied grooves in a circle and the center of the center from 5 to 7
  • 07:01: although there are grooves options when February 1 is the groove I first simply little is planned Borovsk fingers and only then when the whole drawing will be fine I planned again well take a walk Well, while I note Figure I'll say a couple words about Baking is guarded events on each in very hot the old oven therefore it comes initially maximally the temperature of which
  • 07:30: can give your oven and be sure turn the minutes of the Twenty-up landing bread in the oven to good oven warmed while I practically been applied drawing Again I'll set bread I put plenochkoj another 15-20 minutes for then lift again go through all of Russian them to It was more clearly visible after baking and can be baked It is guarded mat Nakash as I said in it is time for this on it out of the oven is placed deep pan and
  • 08:00: after you Put in the oven baking baking to test it you this baking pour cup of boiling water close the door oven and you a result of formed inside pairs which will contribute the rise of the dough baked bread first first 5-7 minutes the lower third oven and then pan rearranged the upper third of the oven baked tori of the state's so it does not look after baking wishes after baking at you move on the grid
  • 08:30: to us by mokuton Eshka our bread ready and will remain unconventionally you Pryatnogo appetite