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  • 00:02: welcome all to you see software dot ru In this video I will show what to do when hung computer knows that during the game, or while working in application are all very much hangs hung application tightly and does not get out of it so I Started by application which will load my laptop Well, tell me hang I and Annex quickly complete overhanging an app for that I press kontrol shift escape to start it Manager feathers tasks
  • 00:30: sorted Download the app central processor that is, here it is app is much my ship computer and it say no and hung giving out of it select it and click here below the right to remove the problem attachment also completed all data is lost working with him but remember this is a you can quickly complete the application and unload computer or here let this the situation is that some application eat off great amount but almost no memory CPU load
  • 01:01: this is my coreldraw eater memory second place is photoshop 627 688 megabytes can be choose and tell Carl I remove the problem please note that you can not to lose stored data this application if complete it so method as adobe photoshop task here is to remove we are thrown out of the memory photoshop unloaded memory in this present Video lesson is over Thank you all if
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