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Ruslan Kurbanov broke off Vladimir Zhirinovsky on the Duel - YouTube

Ruslan Kurbanov broke off Vladimir Zhirinovsky on the Duel - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:17: Good evening live live talk show Vladimir Solovyov duel Hero City Volgograd I could have been on the line Front after 70 years
  • 00:32: after heroic battle with German fascist hordes of its inhabitants have become victims of the war with terrorism in anything innocent civilians people exploded another as a terrorist and as they were victims brought to the altar jihad distraught Women and fans children civilian and military Orthodox and Muslims Tale Russian cities how much more will it do not cut off the head and what this gidrik measures necessary for the In order to ensure
  • 01:00: national security walks on terror planet and its nasty wing hurt Russia has territory reason north Caucasus Islamic reason radicalism take control of the north Caucasus enter state of emergency position to catch up Police managed to FSB but the main reason overspill until the control over birth until there is no more than two children in the family terror I need to win
  • 01:30: control childbirth terrorism is terrible evil is the plague contemporary I think mankind that beat terrorism can only compliance compliance with laws and rights of all citizens Russian Federation I believe that any proposals for restrict red Russian Federation according to their national, racial or religious accessories They are fascist They are a direct complicity terrorism
  • 02:00: Taldom transmission create by following these an important topic as the to fight with terrorism Ruslan was Kurbanov senior Researcher Institute Oriental Russian Academy sciences 20 years, the country was laughing should be the Liberal Democratic Party and over Vladimir Zhirinovsky and here under the laughter country Vladimir Zhirinovsky actually He pandered to all social and political our problems country is at support in condoned and scream heads LDPR have appeared
  • 02:31: West at biryulovo we Caucasus It turned into black hole we went impoverishment population and actually here on Against this background, flourished Liberal Democratic Party but now the country is not funny when the country hear such Nazi speech from the lips of Vice-Speaker State Duma which actually used calls for segregation to restriction birth if you We forgot to give birth if you like forgotten how to bear on what right do you have such we disempower to give life and to give
  • 03:02: the life of our country our people I question is If you are here encouraged to seek terrorists through gas analyzers please sell all their possessions machines apartments shall shoot forth your Party like a man and send all your money to the solve technical by problem Terrorism is in you First you do not do although there are ready were shot in you live it You do not do so that cry for you and
  • 03:30: waving his arms to the whole country is calling they decide your Russian problems the people and the protection of that you're here because are aiming at is not in the air our program so Here I am what you I call to find out about prize and clear elections considered I know I know that can not be solved problem of terrorism technical by no one has decided and your favorite israel also not decided technical by problem of terrorism or terrorism, and Zhelezovsky and Jiraiya favorite This bait through
  • 04:00: forces and the population is very through consolidation population through consolidation population through development of new ideology through jobs through something to give huge global the task of our country you do not do And so I urge you as a man to lay down his powers State Duma deputy sell all budget and the money Russian help at We have seen rating the door shall be opened to the food prepared me to you short question is can be very interesting about the said phrase about ideology Could barely detail put
  • 04:30: do you think that It should be done ideology to a terrorism can It had to fight and I know find explained we have 20 years to the poor and dialogues for the feet to our country no it can not find including Vladimir Zhirinovsky we have a common past pride in the overall the last for the overall feat and tell accomplishments and faith in common future is is our ideology but we such as Vladimir Zhirinovsky is not We were able to develop for 20 years and it is feature complete destruction of what he I made in the State Duma of 20
  • 05:00: years, that is, Russian specifics here scientist such a question but not my part 1 Bring a ball property I do not so a deputy leading man stuff when it carries correlation trillion budget the country is not enough for technical means fight against terrorism here and give all a hero of the party dismiss someone people who created it
  • 05:30: I gave you the right He says pull who did not dismiss you foreign channel right determine how much explain the region I explain to each family must have economic justification if you have a house and Us Dagi work is give birth a hundred people but if you no housing is not the work Printing your children take up arms kill your people your region Aries built bombers
  • 06:00: j across Russia here we have the right said stop and how to stop here are the options there let them be less children and will be of little children in their grow and good cultural you few jobs let fewer people these small working because there is enough room all the unemployed this session lunostoyanie by lack of terrorism
  • 06:30: destruction mankind and today are often wealthy people wealthy family American researchers given that such data great amount terrorist is come from wealthy families they sell own business and go to terrorists baby will offer your solve all the problems I noted that the record most suicide by level Education salute nozzle level agreement than average so let coach jumping the whole region
  • 07:00: the scope of which they go out to then dip your hands our country as me I do security we undertake for the same Bezos's understand
  • 07:30: let's look the offender but you I watched laughing humiliation of Russian people even 20 years you burned dear to me not dirt rubbed Russian Orthodox new people in answer why the elderly person close the Nazis themselves and
  • 08:00: Maxim left but do not assimilate not to assimilate Bureau you many itself bring us because he can not sin, they strong to stop it but the film emotionally Ruslan lit it tarsier I never laughed West country laughing and cutting the secret if you do not I know the slot and They have a voice Let them laugh more no laugh when I I make fun of those here
  • 08:30: most Jewish Gaydarov about right and Bulk when their I smear on the wall it causes certain joy our people this is on top of another What is unique so for democracy the Liberal Democratic Party to answer for himself our voters a million and a million today you Orientalist scientist to see results vote today But today 20 cally
  • 09:03: Here is your and the electorate about the he always did
  • 09:32: will coherent light not their language Thomas American and I need a gun compliance but Say it is real pedrali no Ceru always hated quality violation ruled that the said always said, separately gorbunova century always know I hated raised Russian grandmother from Kursk region and you I hated all
  • 10:00: the lives of my ancestors I hated all my life to stop all dialogues question I was born in the middle Asia and even 50 years ago I packed a suitcase and I left precisely because
  • 10:31: that not all the time
  • 11:01: scream and went all I hated not interfere I'm not anyone bombings I took the suit suitcase and I went and Rear realized I took suitcase I moved from the Caucasus and never any propaganda against you He did not lead me to go I have left millions unless you do not it's not Take out and Leon Russia went on west and you
  • 11:37: and not all of Shevchenko They want to live with you Miroslav Russia Russian Novorossiysk yes Hail to the hands and open so he sold for