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  • 00:00: Oil obtained from fruit pulp and seeds buckthorn is used for mitigate and facial rejuvenation as well as lightening different kind age spots and freckles In addition it can be used as external healing agent for many minor wounds after scratches and any skin lesions sea ​​buckthorn oil
  • 00:30: It has a liquid texture bright orange red color and very rich composition of vitamins and many other nutrients This vitamin A. which is particularly it is rich in oil and which is responsible for hydration and skin elasticity This vitamin E. extending the youthful skin is not equally important for the skin vitamin C and contributing improving conservation elasticity and some other vitamins and b-x-p
  • 01:01: The game also important role Beauty and the health of our skin person Besides sea ​​buckthorn oil It contains carotene and carotenoids tocopherols, sterols fatty acids and the a list of substances can be continue for a long time easier to say that thanks to all falling oil composition component is is an excellent Care Products dry and aging
  • 01:30: problem skin effectively application sea ​​buckthorn oil and when violations skin pigmentation for example, with its You can use significantly lighten freckles and various other dark spots sea ​​buckthorn oil can share used as external means for treatment of injuries wounds burns skin and cracks and cuts many skin diseases gear mother and you eczema
  • 02:00: psoriasis including acne among other things sea ​​buckthorn oil It can be used in the care of lips skin around the eyes as well as strengthening and nutrition lash for dry aging and problem skin on which are different kinds of acne and acne sea buckthorn oil add trend person whom you daily use most convenient option as I already spoke
  • 02:30: advice cosmetologist squeeze it into the hands of a single piece of cream you going use add 2-3 drops sea buckthorn oil and immediately stir in the fingers and immediately Apply the mixture on your face sea ​​buckthorn oil you can buy in any Russian store and striking properties of rosehip known in ancient Sparta And in Russia already in the 17th century
  • 03:00: used to wound healing and fitted out special expedition with the aim of these blank medicinal fruit of that seed rose hips can be get oil We learned regarding but recently present day rosehip oil included in one of the most popular vegetable oils applicable cosmetology oil rosehip It comprises more than 15
  • 03:31: different kinds of fatty acids and the acids contribute strengthen protection skin barrier and are highly construction materials for its cells also cosmetic oils It contains rosehip high enough the percentage of vitamins c e and as well, as it is known vitamins c and e They are the strongest antioxidants which effectively fights free radicals and much
  • 04:00: make the process aging skin apart of vitamin c It helps stimulate the synthesis collagen is extremely needed for maintaining flexibility and elasticity and tone the skin and vitamin E turn promotes well hydrated her skin saturation oxygen and and the preservation and freshness beauty and youth vitamin A. It protects the skin from aggressive exposure and environmental and provide
  • 04:30: maintaining and health of the variety components cosmetic oils rosehip has pretty wide range of effects skin thanks its unique and regenerating property is accelerates healing various skin lesions such as burns cracks cuts and so Further there is It helps eliminate beauty skin defects such
  • 05:02: like scars and blemishes after acne cosmetic oils rosehip great for care tired and aging skin and skin around eyes as well as for dry flaky and sensitive skin it is very easy and practical leaves no greasy shine on the skin rosehip oil can buy any Russian store as well as oil buckthorn but now let's
  • 05:33: try an impromptu to do just homemade cream try our will let take basic ingredient coconut oil is going to be our Base then she hardens and cream acquire solid let's consistency take vitamin E from jars here just
  • 06:03: incise a little q capsules squeeze vitamin E. a little bit of yogurt here at me and a wonderful healthy yogurt little avocado
  • 06:37: Now we fork stretch our to uniformly been that even take a boat
  • 07:03: pretty sure You can take it banana's all good Stir and our cream he is now ready
  • 07:36: liquid because Coconut oil liquid but if we We put on a pair of minutes in a refrigerator it hardens mount's great Homemade cream paste fridge
  • 08:02: literally a couple minutes until the coconut oil worth until she fall to room temperature say below 21 22 degrees of gray lovely cream only his a long time can not be held he probably probably spoiled 7 especially yogurt more all but I'm sure that You will to use it and he so you like that you do not give him time sours , we have a
  • 08:31: wonderful cream two minutes refrigerator it hardened here wonderful cream Now try that It has not happened all solidified here the most wonderful that neither is natural and Valuable cream person and in our next I'll transfer I talk about another breathtaking current method stop time and rejuvenate the face is
  • 09:01: face charge and while success and good luck you your experiments natural ingredients