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  • 00:07: my medium board size laid her in mainly jackets and T-shirts, and may not fold dress and small bed sheet put on it very very comfortable You are doing it just two size is obtained as
  • 00:31: Now that's the size of the middle part and it can be 23 to 30 fold in the same way as possible fold even is such a tee shirt is difficult to once or twice on the goal each facilities make their lives easier hostess nobody doubt that you are well built things without this facilities but that less and at
  • 01:01: large number of ironing and general cleaning cabinets is adaptation simply irreplaceable In addition, it will you aides to would be happy put men and sons, husbands because that they love various technical things and Of course children go It will be fun fold my things in the closet, I developed
  • 01:31: Here's a layout for to fold so here baby product you can do make calculations measure your shelf width shelves say to piles you formed in two rows because the product small and want that they are compact lying in the cupboard this we need Cardboard my calculations are
  • 02:02: Stress middle and the side parts are just given width I have 14 centimeters the distance between they certainly do less than that device and make it one centimeter 14 centimeter width 1 interval January 14 centimeter gap and 14 and the total length of our 45 centimeters 22 and 22 here these here
  • 02:31: leaf and the distance between 1 centimeter for that I took here cardboard box stationery knife college ruled college ruled, and of course pencil
  • 03:24: first cut out here these are the three stripes 14 centimeters and width
  • 03:31: 45 centimeters thick and one strip we you will cut 22 centimeters another 22 centimeters that is, they're centimeter we obtained less
  • 04:05: so now you have It is here and join First, connect to average with Vitaly a distance centimeter
  • 04:51: I realized that the adhesive the details are very long difficult therefore decided first attach
  • 05:01: small adhesive tape
  • 05:33: what
  • 06:26: here
  • 09:22: who and what I'm
  • 09:55: When finished go until I played until thought
  • 11:35: submit could yutuber mike shoes here
  • 12:13: it goes
  • 12:30: Che himself as encoded but so warehouse local people He gives us met properly put into Help the chip and sides now
  • 13:00: wing arm Seredka so butterfly