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We DO the BEAUTIFUL BOTTOM - system 100 - YouTube

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  • 00:17: good wound today I do not know what that's about a table system and kai product file right bellies slept fat from the shear old man in innocence He is gone and the United States Regiment adoration so you mats and rubles about
  • 00:31: It makes you to the result of fire Good morning, and we with you today Today we are engaged strength training hands kilovolts let's say the floor strength we today show girls you our favorite We love the system and because they are two days We did not go sense of the tour kvip pain in the muscles, this 100 what is the system It is currently will individually study right left buttock for this we need dumbbells in Depending on your physical training without dumbbells if you
  • 01:00: just starting out there two or three girls can brothers answered, and 8 and 9 and 10 kg of Ira bed to the show see what It is the system table here regards and gluteal muscle Cheka is dumbbell aig Legian Agriculture here under the knee press down keep it femoral biceps rises five times. ceiling as you exhale Pope djali poyasnichka girls do not Trigger exactly ten times here here the delay and
  • 01:31: Then he raised his holding Ten seconds static is one approach 10 sets of 10 once the system hundred hundred just one and buttocks me and a second start Vodicka himself ready already it is looking at us all the body symmetrically We put dumbbells Cheka have to be if dumbbell charmed Sleeves point a take tough towel gave those. as right thing to do
  • 02:00: towels on knee and there gantelki can prepare on his elbows because then less strain on the spine We got ready and went again raised detained They dropped us to end girls 2 They raised detained please fin attention triceps hip work constant static four knees completely lower the 5 omit breath
  • 02:30: exhale lift the six omit the dock raises exhale seven this is now eight 100 system respect for all muscle groups large gluteal dorsi ogres 950. Now raised It holds ten seconds nine, eight hold static keep goal four three two one second approach went all times without interruption
  • 03:02: 2 girls inflate blood 3 muscles need for us 4 and We remember that in the body is constantly 5 is redistribution 6, this blood 7 case, we maximally disclose Now blood vessels gluteal muscles Hamstring and 9 dozen holds ten seconds, a very large so the muscles are not it is necessary to work long
  • 03:30: so the system slot for it is perfect omit the third went approach just a ring on I found 2 people I discuss three Please note there is no there is no deflection try due loins because loin weaker you gluteus maximus to quickly get tired and we do not need right now lumbar load muscle Shindo lanes 8 9 10. delay
  • 04:00: Please wright so highly necessary to raise to you I feel like I a year-long Cape watch as they say French to daddy it is necessary to put glass Now that she was is such a focus, we We do omit this costs and time approach after 4 fits here already I hear the parties man took you decent dumbbells yes and you took mignon telly done well buy a can and I feel that way and has dad falls off took a little smaller
  • 04:30: Dumbbell PM Ladies or do not in cleverly makes parses the course training is antenku collapsible and a little bit closer throwing off too, but has you have to remember that you need it through I can not do to shout to more available so it was hard keep seconds raise and keep Basically what always a problem gluteus maximus on circle on the time she largest thread oceanic land yet It has not been canceled
  • 05:00: so it begins sag in to this was not approach went 5 once we do these these exercises are working look at this If not, then we doing squats attacks we We are working on a the lower part of the logical muscles when we do here are the exercises we are working as a top lanes we have 6 Everyone has their own but at to 7 to 8 allora already here what good fellows see other shared less and dumbbell cavalry more than others to give friend is someone who
  • 05:31: It makes you work stronger as they say jump higher they run faster facilitate your suffering much Hold 10 seconds garden 9a Fuck approach and the sixth time as stated debt conversations as well you know and quickly deal It can be done action to do so girl do not need to love overworked already 10
  • 06:00: like to know if you will make you 1112 just do not sleep at night will this grief the same is true in the hands of school to take the puzzle there is an asterisk supplementary close personal job twice to make how many holds ten nine eight seconds seven six five on belt Makes 4 3 2 1 7
  • 06:31: hike went You do not have to break Kyra 7 approach went one-two-three is a pain for the benefit of 45 is said to the ancient Greeks more than guard your health in the case our pain indicates that we on the right track and dad Tomorrow we will Well, how thankful thank you well done gluteal muscle well to put it mildly
  • 07:00: It hurts to sit down to keep Ten seconds, nine eight seven six those cutters 3 4 3 2 1 9 conquering approach and February 1 amount zatiharilis there are well 56 do and do exercise about pulled because you certainly in the mind there is something like
  • 07:30: certainly raised think and what to Actually she place at all costs but Yes mentally you raised how much would a ton lanes 10 and hold Ten seconds, nine eight seven six five four above February 3 last 10 approach this I vodichku This last sotochku on faith in that case this is useful for hill I know that both during holiday skyscraper
  • 08:00: plus weaving this into damage to 1 horse for the road but this case theta sotochku most useful recommend regularly take but not on the chest and to impose the same picture that the wheels gantelkami here the case of a button and holding ten seconds nine, eight, seven six and five watts Chikako elastic stand and my father 21 postponed
  • 08:30: dumbbells and sat down at the Cheka on the buttock yes and we feel all 1:00 no-no-no-no, she thuja ie it should have at least a day or two if you need to go somewhere on the anniversary of the day Born to a wedding be better than the bride made exercise quickly dress department quickly after until all necessary but not fitting of wedding anything underline the
  • 09:00: We took onki Rhee Ki went container 2 vodichka went 2 girls already Vodicka I went to work for nothing No limit perfection and again on the exhale rise 23 why we are working on Total gluteal muscle because it large the larger thought greater energy
  • 09:30: to lose and the more energy at you, I, we more calories spend and the more calories tragedy topics longer can eat Chain Reaction want good food and work often detained ten nine eight seconds seven six five four three two one second approach Ulichka considering pay note that in 4 th writing journals sets of 10 times empty leg raised
  • 10:00: you beautiful support was given case in its example girls experienced not 10 lifts 4 approach up effectively for berry that just such huge weights a hundred times this is verse, and if also the to do exercise not even several landing here Wow third approach glad
  • 10:31: two is the workout the more more power training the more burned and remember that after aerobic exercise here as we did with you nastya while boxing aerobics you burn there tbogt aerobics to 900 calories you came home from another two to four hours metabolism increased but as soon as you take the rod and dumbbells do strength training in You may exchange to one day increase the is to define the home already forgotten all were Club metabolism
  • 11:01: even increased a little the fact that kissing up more calories you even longer Avoid sharing substance increases speed Valya much sleep mask is already 45 Approach 1 6 is the solution I went to remember that it is not dinner polish and cognac by itself alone taken together cognac with two lemons 100 grams of cognac and two lemon sugar drunk during hours not just gulp
  • 11:32: help you burn fat and so the athlete preparing for competition for to relieve its weight no it is not dry that polish and bacon teams will see refrigerator instead how much the delay the delay has to do and keep girls keep-keep-keep it's a 7 hour approach
  • 12:00: Oksanochka ambassador come many come shy against Club brew that we were there We come there all nice and you do not We saw the girls you act and the or how they were to me and the need to I will go there most How terrible Here you are treated loss you will relate how many girls to us go and plump and let health and Happiness is not a wave like how much do you weigh
  • 12:30: Come as you yourself implements and how you feeling Olechka Sasha we have it somewhere holding knee she holds down Laura fellow Laura Laura and do yellow T-shirt and merged motors and no one would I saw Laura 7 this approach went 8 and 8 1 and 8 2 and I knew sunis
  • 13:01: spacers in yellow T-3 and between Incidentally yellow T-shirts the leader and the leader of accidents How many sizes changed more thin with previous surveys how much music has expelled home and told sought want author although tired you new things to buy yes you get thin at Internet is already one just buy even before keep hold so the city
  • 13:30: thin to the ears are plowing along with all the lads released went 9 Approach 2 Approach to uncle there responsible the last two approaches ra2 3 455 ceiling does not pull each leg centimeter movements and feel of 89
  • 14:01: dozen same 10 seconds seven six five four three, two and and last 10 times can already there stretch 22 is not 10 approach Lot 45 read we have forgotten how to Remember that where You know how worn out plate orientation stick 10 10 10
  • 14:32: and 10 again approach the field as August 9 and 10 holds Ten seconds, nine eight seven six five four three two one dumbbell postponed Cheka, the girl on knife one sit another forward, pulled gluteal the muscle that we
  • 15:06: if and as long as you can quiet until delayed onset muscle soreness points but not here I went ahead and to the supports on which in front of you stands in her like any key I usually thought right stretches it we We did that system Foot and I good Now 100 system will be back for
  • 15:35: crucible tilde training over and 2 knives are drawn lorochka 2 knives We are drawn forward forward girls lean to here the next time
  • 16:00: We show people how we do system Breast for I have pursued for the back and for the press if you do not have time for yourself work out look us to th tube dial anna Do vigorous kurkurina morning on the screens listed phone numbers call if suddenly we missed something but we just for training all different matter missed the opportunity to ask questions, we always ready to to your help happy that you were with us