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  • 00:00: today we have a cake for Esterhazy and motives based because several prescription adapted to my taste begin begin to do cooking cream and because he has long cool cream in We need 4 eggs 300 grams of butter a couple They spoons in a glass sugar half a liter I can take milk I took the cream 2 tablespoons slide condensed milk and a pack vanilla sugar starting with the fact that
  • 00:30: It became warm cream we add the cream half the sugar regulations and put bask we are detachable proteins from egg yolks
  • 01:00: 4 4 yolk protein proteins directly into tidy refrigerator so that they yet established yolks add remaining sugar and vanilla forest
  • 01:31: feeders whisking nothing I just do not now we are waiting for when begin cream simmer here's the cream began to smoke We began to boil a couple
  • 02:00: spoons a couple of pilgrims we add the yolks that they have immediately just did not cooked mix all shimmer cream Now continuously stir not very important medium heat
  • 02:30: brew cream We are bringing it up to here it I should be a little thicker be a time in our it will take minutes Ten we thicken already seen what's consistency both It became such here pleasant viscous mass is not necessary to boil give in no case immediately turn off disclaim fire continues upgraded yet that no longer brewed pour into another
  • 03:02: capacity Now that's a lot of us should be fully that is cool when it becomes acceptable temperature remove it in the refrigerator until full cooling while we cools brew of the cream, we We prepare all else 300 grams butter softened of silence
  • 03:43: and connect with I condensed milk cooked only then that plow caramel taste and color more beautifully it turns out caramel
  • 04:02: Now we are left just wait like cool brew we are part of it together all connect cream we will be ready to proteins whipped into a tight foam with sugar and Pour here nuts mix gently to foam is not settled
  • 04:45: the dough is ready, we spread on paper Baking and which we pre-painted the form on which we want to bake our shortcakes you just and goji sleeps and sleeps six pieces
  • 05:04: possible from pastry bag we honestly say for I think it's easier bake'll minutes 20-30 in preheated to 160
  • 05:30: degree oven they We have a little under Gold and we dried up baked all your During this time in cakes our completely straight you can cool down extend
  • 06:02: gradually add there whipped butter he is ready to have a very pleasant caramel color pleasant aroma
  • 06:31: cognac now we have Only collect the for this all as usually every cake promazyvayut little word
  • 07:14: so all cakes We missed all cakes and sides cream now we Melt the chocolate and squeezing his forming a spiral
  • 07:34: green bars First, I certainly It had to be several other Today so