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  • 00:03: so whether you come out of the saga bags that is, that's the bag was out of sugar in the second year already uses, and more you can not have anything to do well, that is, filled to bag that's planted zemelku slightly like so what is inside the tent nits and they want a piece of potatoes at her and she
  • 00:31: itself has supply of nutrients substances potatoes and if you are nakroesh still in it most cap I threw nakinesh she vernalization It starts quickly fast fast with him heat for warmth and she quick start ever the most important Russian Police then root like why the ridges satin search Postica
  • 01:00: here it slipped you can pour times two or three here all take it so because so I like it here and then I used I'm very I liked it for some reason because they turned bag and humus potatoes as we
  • 01:31: now once dry here they are retraces let them decent this one cheat and the old. here only Take away enough fry and soup
  • 02:02: Stop talking longer any comfort zemelku someone writes