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seamless dress transformer. - YouTube

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  • 00:00: evening dress for Half an hour excellent option for solutions perennial problem when nothing to wear any yardsticks or all joints very simply based on Territory dresses rectangle corners rounded make neck line at One shoulder Natalia gather drape and tie node will be very beautifully need only 2 meters of fabric I propose to take thin viscose beautiful jersey dark cherry color This fabric perfectly
  • 00:31: drape accentuate the beautiful figure to the same edge will not need process We add up the knitwear 4 paint layer neck width and 7 depth of 8 centimeters and cut round off angles preform dress Now unfold from the top edge of blizzard 40 centimeters
  • 01:01: We put a label and through it draw a line to the middle of the neck turned on the armhole One shoulder cut off the excess We do smell and knot's Dress with this framework You can play one angle to leave shoulder
  • 01:30: the smell of a chest and knot's another option dress corners crisscross on fastened on the chest neck so she turns sundress or simply wear as a blouse under the belt anyway anyway beautiful Olga nikishicheva house at Silkin first channel