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  • 00:06: hello today make fish pie puff pastry Cake plus plus will serve Now she's breast slices of bacon cooked smoked or bacon is the combination of fish breast 150 grams this brisket I put to use
  • 00:30: even pan post 2 shredded power bulb any kind of fish you like this clean Well about 450 grams 10 tons less polzoval middle-sized pieces our bacon with roasted beam gradually moderate heat here is fried such a state enough
  • 01:01: I insert pan storm let cools dough easy without yeast puff thawed yarn 2 is not equal pieces one that is much greater than about two thirds will cake base Roll out and I stack on baking laid
  • 01:30: greaseproof paper lower part of the test about one-third will be at the top of the pirogue that is simple I stack dough on pan knead a second upper portion left side until I add packed fish
  • 02:03: herbs dried dill nothing little by little, and Rosemary basil Well, you can change please on your any discretion Herbs like these can give nothing It is more important decision spread in roasted best easy for us to salt
  • 02:39: slightly sharp red pepper again on your discretion can do not add not fundamental black pepper large pieces pepper grains I cover all the minute a second layer of cake
  • 03:01: he's right turned longish not problems taking scissors cut welling in based on pies I cuddle up slightly presses note runs to just welling there are simply pressed plait braids and then I will not write on your choice you can do different bit add water yolk
  • 03:30: lubricated surfaces then sesame cake and optional but where it is desirable puncture horn surface so that you do not particularly booze oven well all Dorado will still open the oven and outrageously with which categories So he stayed there our cake and 30 minutes
  • 04:00: Oven temperature was 220 degrees turned out here such interesting thing thing happened delicious Yes it is easy to repeat Bon Appetit good luck to meet