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Traps for mice - YouTube

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  • 00:00: No need to buy a mousetrap can be make from scrap materials and just 10 minutes required Usually, banks glass a tin of cocoa anything bait is made of rolling up the bread crumb a small computer and moisten with water grain weight It is sticky glue it on inner wall our banks can drop in the bread a wee bit sunflower oil to make it more so fragrantly then just come running all the uninvited guests but that they remain
  • 00:30: We put in a mousetrap jar upside down at the end of the coin Mouse comes fortiori that sees stenochke pasted bait and well plates at stenochku it but it becomes Naturally all here shaky and coin falls and rodent is trapped but with the help of a bucket all possible overfishing click on and family times to take this a long stick and another clipped shears so that
  • 01:00: it was less hip diameter fastened together a crosswise followed by a short shelf skewer bread bait install construction on the bucket and fill the container water and even under the leans against the slope bucket rail on it rodent will rise to Court mouse bait go stick she flips drop nose stick Then here and so take back the original
  • 01:30: position We are waiting for the next mouse Now on rodents your country site certainly not a place Alex Ovchinnikov Elena Chicherina I the first channel