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It is time to change rules (Informative TV, Sergey Baburin) - YouTube

It is time to change rules (Informative TV, Sergey Baburin) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: recent events We asked two months completely different vector international policy led Russia was not a president from We both presidents there were many last years but really national leader because I mention '92 when I was in chapter group folk deputies happened fly to Sevastopol
  • 00:30: to support fleet command Black announced that Black Sea Fleet is Russian navy but you just imagine the situation when Kiev said that Black Sea Fleet is Ukrainian as well as all County were divided between union republics fleet commander He said that there is a Russian military Council supported Commander and Moscow silent Moscow is silent and
  • 01:00: certainly all hovered around of state treason and ordered the arrest Kasatonov Kiev has been issued and when we supported their deputies Parliament Russian and I had returned difficult conversation disease than anyone I Yeltsin then he was not national leader because his position was that it Sergey is not we stir up passions we will rent part of the port in
  • 01:30: hardly Sevastopol I managed to convince him at least maintain Navy and he suddenly then flew to Many unexpectedly Novorossiysk gritting said teeth with command and when commanding supported at that moment Crimea I wanted to go under Russia of the fact that it supported Fleet Command to laws are not interpreted commander naval Russian forces had
  • 02:00: Navy formally withdrawn to increase but fact Black Sea fleet was it is beheaded I'm a special case just saying how much depends on the leader is that It happened I would venture can assume be members of Parliament not present completely agree but exactly strict consistent President position Putin provided success It was very shaky
  • 02:30: position and the Parliament and government and if not personal head position the state would be nothing not least, there was nothing It was just absolutely so I believe that very timely It raises the question of whether and what now there is changed Is the world melt the world really I have not changed yet realize it at higher levels political pyramids but we must pay
  • 03:01: to President fishing season we're actually politely tried to warn let us remember Munich speech where President Putin for the first time Westerners wondered what It called in Russia may be your point of view and its own any perspective different than that we and speaking events in 2008
  • 03:30: year it was the next step when Russia recognized Abkhazia and South then you Ossetia really much swayed but this fact is written off that Russia simply worried about Sochi Olympics and it was a real warning that Russia will Well the subject of politics and finally in 2014 it starting point but Here I would not only I rested on its laurels
  • 04:00: because in my opinion if the president Putin did not create system which can rely on Faria neck can end sad effects on Today I do not I see opportunities support our neoliberal executive government authorities Russian Federation about problems within her They were still about said deputy Fedorov completely reasonably apart
  • 04:30: neoliberalism executive power we have left as fatty our course constitutional '93 not surrender changing today acting constitution, we do not untie the hands of the highest of state Russian authorities, they have we are related this constitutional consolidation in constitution nihilism as a of state This ideology and
  • 05:01: Of course here I am Eugene Alexey Alexeitch and andon Lacile shu Romanov grateful for what they tirelessly on this we say only country in world where constitution secured private ownership natural wealth and private own today really led to the fact that natural resources Russian Federation for the most weight do not belong Russian citizens do not
  • 05:32: Russian citizens are external control controls our natural resources it is necessary to change this situation and of course something that we have to constitution fixed denial moral foundations society based on the Orthodox tradition in general we morality derived out of the brackets and to live in immoral Western society's
  • 06:00: Europe is trying to but we can see what it results and we do not need ahead of what I wanted to offer particularly of course I I want to support Professor Dobrokhotova is that we need to think about terms of and I would also like to find some other definition is not cold war cold war suggests how imply two military camps and we today it is the first point very correctly stated and
  • 06:30: not only in this first our ideology the resolution we are talking about formation multipolar world this is is not a war all against all, as the but it said the bug some armed Colossus because here's course Leonid properly paid note that Americans are trying to once again drive all the old scheme Now that there are Russian and its allies and the United States have
  • 07:00: as the leader of the Western world and their allies are nothing like this South America is ripe and a political heirs center Fidel Castro there today define policy to continue or its business and this brazil Cuba Venezuela Bolivia where anti-American anti northern American mood dominate you
  • 07:30: know for years that I I had charge of relationship with Central America I and I was surprised to absolutely agree that the new political theory it must in my look back away from understanding the fact that scientists have We have long said sustainable development of mankind of state legally It can not grow out of those forms are It was formed in another system coordinates and us today need to think a system in which
  • 08:00: we coordinate transition and the terms and and the approaches and principles even schemes governmental devices should be different than the past 700 years, it is not only socialism Capitalism is 700,800 years of our development so it's all very Really the old scheme does not and they will not work I want to work support the idea Vladimir and dobrenkova we need
  • 08:31: their alternatives do We have a problem parliamentary Assembly Council Europe although with time a lot of things so that we go we must take speak the same language but you can not be foreign slave circuits It can not be indefinitely play on someone else the rules if today Russia said that she independent the player must itself set rules of the game and let them play too, according to our rules for this we need to do our parliamentary
  • 09:00: Assembly in Petersburg Center yet like sr highland interparliamentary Assembly Eurasian space as humanitarian center coordinate system not human rights the rights of the right of peoples nations do here we have not to speak civil society alternative worldview the concept of civil society in Russia It has always been the concept of
  • 09:30: people We're talking only western scheme terms only western political and social science involuntarily involuntary We begin immediately concede leadership and written only students yet such is not necessary we have strength and learn today at events east and south of Ukraine that went over any scripts because it is not
  • 10:02: Russian project is project really matured within us We can talk about Crimea as a triumph organizations political will and foresight Russian guide and exam in the east of Ukraine, we not yet completed and here we have to see that, thanks I will not choose diplomatic
  • 10:30: Masonic expressions Israeli lobby, we We lost today control of the south they are not yet up to Ukraine end but got Russia does not control has let us think whether it is a new Cold War or it's really just world Cold War or anything else is that it not a continuation of the old until I have no doubt then we have in general, all the warriors say it war Vladimir is your All year the entire period
  • 11:00: the existence of of mankind