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  • 00:06: Hello Friends you today Elena Krasovskaja here nice not to sew forbid we are offering to you look technological sequence sewing knitting Trouser lachen type I knitted fabric dill enough dense in processing it is not difficult so if you e.g. sew such
  • 00:31: pants for the first time whether the work at all You start shepherd sales pick it is a knitwear which is dense not followed showered and his very I will easily become even on an ordinary on simple machines do not mention it right eye of this special vehicle Data pants leggings It consists of three parts two single cut the front half and rear cloth Trouser parts of 2 or 3 details so times, too
  • 01:03: sit down let's get see what technological operation we are We made some steps and then directly proceed implementation of a steps and so the first step we grind naturally add up neatly on metochka Low knee we see first may if you sweep
  • 01:31: start if my already granddaughter master it We need to dream any scout or just once you start to live first step is to grind off tower USD Items is the first of old steel fire hose then grind middle seam pritachivaem same belt naturally among them its advance by short slice the last step is bottom trouser processing
  • 02:00: that is all simply almost four This step is very fast how can grind down the welds of these pants if possible you are well set up It led to a good point holds if regulated cleanliness stitch naturally better to do all this on lacquer world Stitch sections it is with simultaneously
  • 02:30: mark on the car type plugs so you one beginning point it's very fast and because it It enables us to behold it here extensibility knitwear save If you do not have it to or line quality not very good then you can make a line adjust the zigzag but thus degrak that he was a Zig-Zag very small Here is a direct rejection the line was very
  • 03:00: small in practice it It will be a straight line but still it will be little zigzag if you let this line to do it, she virtually appearance not It differs from the direct line but extensibility here this we need when get me knitted fabrics it will be you keep well that is this line may be possible if you machine allows machine function special elastic line using the the first grind
  • 03:30: then possess funds are Several variants favor treat just the same way we downloaded in its ring Fold in half and still dragged cut trousers naturally from the front we apply such all one way stitching as it or either with missiles using sewing machine you pritachivaem the upper hell here nothing complicated the lower section as we
  • 04:00: we do cross line up against common thread here especially cut extensible we see so If this side here you will not problems with direct stitching once is a pattern that can loop ordinary can even the most Of course the best way to hemmed cuffs is double needle sewing twin needle with front side It turns 2 straight line aac and night it is here and so it look inside funds have
  • 04:30: It is contracted to us need not stretching at the same time Fanshawe happen if we squandering color and We get such Wave files here that it is absolutely to anything in the first place here you need to adjust foot pressure the tissue that is to make but once more pobachim you both normal tissue analysis One example of some or extensible pressure smaller flicks Second course you need to take a needle
  • 05:01: knitwear shoulders special chapters knitwear districts tip and would think there experiment If you do not have a car It does not send no function your twin needle then some decorative stitch can be used can be used the same ground too He wove some decorative stitch which can be have your machine already you can use eg marginal or cobweb turn over means special
  • 05:30: knitted this more I also have and I told videos login or there is another option that rescue you if there is a trick use the same the very process that when you do pritachivat and the belt have made such cuff cuff can be start and do it with easy assembly do right by around the environment is not a fight Stitch people detail
  • 06:02: Do you have naturally Now it is processed until we review on just take cuff grind it in the ring is applied to the slice bottom trousers and bargain enter masturbation and if you base 2 forks then you will be turn you get there neat cut without all lines but I know that many cars where no modern
  • 06:31: always sew knitted fabrics so here in some cases if the fabric is some such a complicated postings here this here rescue method Here you yourself see properties material on your opportunities car helmet lose experienced by your line of what You will use and start to do I have to sew those pants