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  • 00:05: gift bent on Elena Gorbachev for 2014 year I remember at the beginning of the year you You will receive deposits in dividends Last year, spring also encouraged good profits and enjoyable communication and is force to reflect on new plans the implementation of which you proceed even if only ideas will be good for getting results have work hard and
  • 00:30: wait and try dodge overfill the foundation for future body victories will bright starts events will be easy dealt with the case and are obtained as intended Now spring force worried though many experiences He will simply thought up summer will return peace peace and joy and a life autumn and the end of 2014 will be marked serious achievements in all area of ​​your activities and personal
  • 01:00: life twins beginning of the year will allow develop harmoniously project in 2013 but the end of winter engulf development material sphere your life that will take a lot of effort and strange time 2 sense, certain situations can bring summer to resolve must be take advantage of tips heart intuition for you can open secrets and mysteries knowledge that in the autumn will significantly improve the lives of
  • 01:30: a variety of ascetic and this is a positive trend It continues until the end 2014 weather cancers increase skill level collective work Earlier this year, give excellent chances personal development obtain profits and other good things of life hitch which also began necessary to clarify this It allows the spring feel signal above the end of the year add strength and lions luck to you
  • 02:01: should be rephrased proverb whoever owns emotions owns world manifest patience spring restrain his fighting couple act start only when there is an accurate information summer It will bring a lot of work but to gather fruits of these labors We have to wait until the fall of the year will take place actively and fruitfully maiden try not bind their actions tangible the result of the beginning , BP and these force
  • 02:30: cases will come in the spring mastery Summer will manifest beautiful prospects for the autumn and winter year development and serious work if you hang in the winter You will feel himself a master position to act on their discretion that is, will bring necessity heed the advice the part may be sharp perhaps years, and here nice to solve all your plans and undertakings from autumn come new attitudes
  • 03:00: and convinced reduction the main goal have something to sacrifice scorpions are not Resist experiences that you can keep winter 2014 these efforts will good though require a lot of spring important work in the summer not to lose the sense of event reality then in the fall the chance start something new and promising new archers revival momentum
  • 03:31: expects from the whole winter our demand show depth feelings and beliefs associated with new prospects for the summer there will be specific fruit Armor conceived and Van bottom of their plans this will be on Xin open your source joy and inspire Capricorns you need retain memories of happy past it slows your turn today may spring cause of action with law enforcement
  • 04:00: authorities To fly is not denounced no disappointment start up these things on drift autumn will bring positive change discover new Aquarians prospects Winter will have please their results and capacity not try all ways to keep reached by spring me and sleigh tune in to serious work or observe the autumn law and act according to the rules in total 2014 have to work
  • 04:31: you need to show all his character then the results you please fish calm and confident and During the winter events may be replaced forest disturbances then you will go to situation or not let yourself become discouraged because cutlet opens happy new birch that after not implemented specific knowledge and the achievements of all successful year with you Elena was Gorbachev
  • 05:01: Let all things be accomplished conceived