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Masha and Medved - the Fairy tale for the night (Series 39) - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Thriller Night What? I’ll go to bed with no bed story?
  • 01:11: The government meeting took place at the... Not good!
  • 01:42: No! Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good! Oh, it’s so boring! Oh, it is you.
  • 02:14: I’m watching a fairy tale here. Bear! Please turn on the light! Bear! What is that?
  • 03:07: What’s over there? What about this? Bear!
  • 03:51: Bear! Where are you? Bear! You’re here? What’s that?! Go away, scary monster!
  • 05:34: Oh, it’s only you. That’s great!
  • 06:30: So now no scary fairy tale will spook me!