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  • 00:00: so what my dear today I apple pie tender crumbly dough and filling consisting of two layers of acid a layer of grated apples and sweet layer whipped with sugar protein is very tasty and preparing cake is simple and easy So here we go for our recipe will need 200 grams softened butter it is softened oil room temperature and First, we whisk optionally oil you can take a margarine or take a mixture of butter and margarine and then gradually to the whipped
  • 00:30: oil will be added the sugar we need three-quarters cup a glass and I 250 milliliters well whisk oil with about sugar somewhere 35 minutes before formation of such lush mass 3 chicken eggs proteins and share at yolks yolks adding oil proteins is delayed easy and will whisk sugar for to proteins very well whipped it is important that they do not I hit a single gram of fat so when division follow so that a single gram the yolk is not horrible proteins are proteins while
  • 01:00: postponed and oil whisk yolks and then here is interfere two glasses flour once again remind you that I have a glass of 250 milliliters and knead the dough a very important test knead pretty especially quickly remove do not rub or a month because only in this case, the dough get soft Loose if long hanging in develop test gluten and can melt butter soak flour test result be tightened here it is tight
  • 01:32: get the test Italy we need it will roll out According to view size and shape I shape round diameter 30 centimeters I will tell all the dough at a time although as an option It can be pre separate around a quarter of the dough and postpone the remaining three-quarter roll it out but I easier to roll out if all the dough dispose time very preferably before the roll out the dough his twenty minutes put in
  • 02:00: refrigerator for to have dough It cooled to to calm Vienna as flour and melted butter in test result It turned gentle and crumbly if kneaded the dough pretty quickly that and if you can hurry you can of course roll out immediately after mixing roll out the dough According to size form us you need to roll out this size to dough we could wall but vystelit the form most convenient
  • 02:35: transferring test at rolling pin in this way rolled dough on rolling pin If the dough is fragile suddenly somewhere tear nothing wrong and roll out to form and then test
  • 03:00: lining the bottom and walls of the mold remove excess dough if all of a sudden kids the dough did not have the can be here and so just as a patch it will be done, I I gather scraps test
  • 03:30: and then form and collected crop I put in the freezer twenty minutes here neoform almost ready to collect test and trim all remove freezer I forgot to mention in time that pre-form and what is not lubricated need because part of the dough large number of
  • 04:00: fat so this batter in baking is not to grab form and supplementary lubrication preparation of forms and required refrigerated dough rub on a coarse grater we need get big crumb and batter we Shots we will need to form drink up semireadiness attack as a result got baby until it is cleaned in a refrigerator gat form from the freezer and before boarding
  • 04:30: oven the dough does not bulge his thick prick fork and then choose warmed up 200 degrees Celsius oven 7-10 minutes in our dough should not but it browns It should be baked under incidentally say that In order to make the dough is not It would swell correct first lay the dough parchment then top with a peas or beans and such as from weighting test I bake on I prefer squirrel as faster method for filling we need 5 medium apples I rubbed on apples
  • 05:00: coarse grater for to grated apples are not darkened they can be slightly sprinkle with lemon juice as we need Whip with sugar left proteins whisk whites first without sugar Sofa begin administered Only after proteins will be well fluffed be knocked down such air lush mass of momentum mixer gradually ie increase start beating on low speed and then faster faster faster sugar we introduce small portions each time
  • 05:30: good whipping and then when there is a sugar will be put whisk proteins 3-4 minutes to dissolve sugar and Education stable peaks Form I Signature class We put the first a layer of grated apples apple layer flatten thicken
  • 06:09: top decompose whipped with sugar proteins flatten
  • 06:39: sprinkle crumb is remnants of dough which we rubbed on a grater and then put the cake preheated to 200 degrees Celsius oven about 30 minutes to complete readiness and so here it looks
  • 07:01: ready as possible certainly cut and immediately hot on my rehearsals with her When cake is completely cool and so our apple pie ready and there will be traditional Pryatnogo prepare tea it is fast and tasty just thank you They were with me watching video and all you very good