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RETSEPT:PESOCHNY COTTAGE CHEESE DOUGH. We prepare together - YouTube :)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I want to show the recipe universal dough for cooking various cakes and biscuit but in itself shortcrust pastry pretty fat therefore, to reduce the its fat and did not worsen the quality of the test I'll use skim cheese namely cheese will reduce the amount of oil in this recipe so we You need flour sugar curd baking powder for Test vanilla sugar butter and
  • 00:30: egg number products you are now see on your screen and now Getting Started preparation of the dough in a bowl posted softened butter and add sugar and Now all we you need to mash with a fork until smooth consistency I do not time showed in recipes to prepare cottage cheese and juicy dough but I decided
  • 01:00: make this recipe separately to simply future given link It is on this recipe and do not show it already re-add vanilla sugar next step add egg budget crusts you
  • 01:35: You may take any poultry What you love cheese and oil mixture was desirable stir until uniformity cottage cheese help make dough plastic and a It saves on the oil has a lower fat content make the dough more I shuffled helpful uniformly the next step and adding
  • 02:05: baking powder for I'll test half a bag and further portions pour flour flour certainly better Sift before using now all neatly I bear when you realize that the
  • 02:39: hard for us mix it plug shell out on the table and you do not feel sorry for lying on the table hands Silicone I lay on the mat table sprinkled flour and spread dough Now stir hands Knead the dough, our the dough is ready here
  • 03:17: a lump of I turned and now takes him to 30-40 minutes in the refrigerator and can then with him to work make any pies or all cookies Thank you for your attention and until we meet again on my channel is not Remember subscribe and comment on videos all while