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  • 00:05: one of the big problems that many people have is that they've learned a word or a phrase or a piece of English and they understand it when they read it they understand it when they hear it they understand it but when it comes time to actually speak English suddenly they can't find that word or phrase it's like
  • 00:33: their mind has gone blank it's just disappeared in this video I'm going to just very quickly explain why that is and show you how British stories solves this problem basically when you learn a word or a phrase you put it into memory and the effort to find a word in memory
  • 01:02: and understand it is pretty easy there isn't much effort involved however to find it and produce it in speaking there's a lot more going on there is a lot more processes happening in the brain so it's a lot more difficult to do and what this means is words have kind
  • 01:34: of a level of activation words that you've just learned and that you can understand but not say we call passive vocabulary and the reason they are passive is because they have very very low levels of activation that means they are very weak in your brain and in order to be able to produce them easily and
  • 02:02: automatically you need to make that much stronger you need to give them more activation this is not easy to explain simply but let me show you how British stories solves this problem so let's just open up the British stories page it does it in two ways the first is one of the training lessons which shows you how to use this software which you can download for free anke and
  • 02:31: it shows you how to basically use that to learn vocabulary and I'm just going to show you an example here using a single word let's just copy which is a good one okay let's go up a million so let's just make a new card with this for demonstration I'm going to make a new deck demo I've already got one called
  • 03:01: Emma let's just open this one and I'm going to add this new card so I can do this like this Midian k so we've learned the word million we understand the word million but we can't say it we can't produce it so what this means is that I can read this sentence about five point
  • 03:31: fifty 1.1 million people live in England I can read it and I can understand it easily however I can't say this I can't produce it what this software is going to do is get rid of that long it's going to force you to remember this word about 150 1.5 million people live in England
  • 04:00: and here this is quite easy but what this does is this effort involved in finding this word mean in your brain finding it and then pulling it out producing it is going to make this word million much stronger in your brain it's going to give it more activation as it were and with repetition this word
  • 04:32: will get stronger and stronger and stronger the more you're exposed to the word million and the words which commonly go with it the collocations that million uses and the more that you try to remember this word the more you try to produce this word the stronger it will get in your brain once it reaches a certain level it will then become very easy to find this word and produce it
  • 05:04: that's the first way the British stories helps to solve this problem but it actually there's actually a much more advanced feature which is going to be more helpful so let's open up a lesson let's go to pot cleaning ken this is one of my favorite ones part one of the key features of British stories is that it teaches you common chunks so to show you
  • 05:32: what I mean let's just open up the the PDF for step one just wait for that download so step one is a framed dictation exercise and what this means is you have to listen to the story and you have to print you have to dictate certain chunks and this is going to build your awareness of these chunks it's going to put them in memory so that
  • 06:00: you can understand these chunks so the Guinness Book of Records is given the title of most haunted village in England to the village of partly what was this one which is around 30 miles south of London these aren't good examples by coincidence i went through pluckley today on the train on there is a corset chunk it looks so pretty in the January
  • 06:30: snow that it's hard to imagine it being haunted this is the one I want interested I decided to get out in the library decided to is a chunk the word decided usually Cola Kate's with the word to so you do the framed dictation exercise that is going to make you aware of this collocation
  • 07:01: decided to then when you've read the story you are again being exposed to this decided to every time you are exposed to this chunk it's getting stronger and stronger in your brain and then in step 3 and 4 i'll step forward back this is where things start to get
  • 07:31: good which is the right one this one so we're going to copy this chunking script as i like to call them and we're going to add this to anke and then what happens let's just get rid of this one what happens is we now get this section of the story in anke and you'll see that this is this section here and what i've
  • 08:02: done is i've closed out the chunks that i want you to focus on is these chunks which are really going to help build your fluency and we're going to read this by coincidence i went free politely today on the train it looks so pretty in the january snow that it was hard to imagine it being haunted interested i decided to check it out in the library out in the library and that's not the
  • 08:30: one I want to show you that's not the one I want to show you get rid of that okay it's not giving me the one I want just a second let's go back to this okay it's not the one I want the order that shows these in is random someone I want okay this is the one I want so we now have the phrase the chunk decided to in our memory and we
  • 09:01: basically want to build our knowledge of this we want to make it stronger in our brain more active so that we can use it easily ourselves so we're going to read through this by coincidence i went through luckily today on the train it looks so pretty in the january snow that it was hard to imagine it being haunted interested I now what we have to do is we have to find this phrase in our memory remember it and produce it I
  • 09:33: decided to check it out in the library check the answer we see that we was correct it is this effort this the effort that it takes to find the chunk in our memory and recall that chunk find it in memory and produce it it is that effort which is going to make this chunk
  • 10:04: stronger and stronger and stronger into the eventually it becomes so activated in our brain that it goes from being a passive thing something that you own you understand but you can't do yourself it goes from being passive to active and when it gets to that point then you're
  • 10:31: going to be able to actually say this in conversation or even write it or anything any kind of production it is this effort to actually use something to remember it to pull it out of our brain and use it that is going to make us be able to use this and with repetition the more you repeat it the easier it's going to get so these
  • 11:03: stories are basically the whole story is set up with these chunking scripts so you are basically repeating the story again and again and again a bit at a time and you are recalling the story a chunk at a time one bit at a time you are looking for it in your memory and pulling it out first it's decided to and
  • 11:33: then here out in the top of chance to on the roads of parkland you're going to keep on repeating this and producing it bit by bit by bit and it's this effort which is going to build your active English so that you can then actually use that yourself in conversation so in
  • 12:07: summary the frame dictation exercise gets you basically makes you aware of a certain phrase and a certain chunk or a certain word and in particular it makes you notice the things that you don't know this is a very powerful way to improve your English quite quickly but I'm going to talk about that in a
  • 12:31: different video also the shadowing exercise is will give you more exposure to the words and the phrases and will build your knowledge and make them stronger in your brain and then the chunking exercises is what is going to actually basically fix these words and phrases and chunks in your brain and make them active so that you can actually use them yourself okay I Eve
  • 13:03: talked for quite a long time about this and I hope that makes sense this is not an easy thing to explain simply but when you understand this principle that you learn a word but it is very weak in your brain so you can understand it but you can't use it but after a certain amount of exposure and a certain amount of effort it becomes active when you can
  • 13:31: really understand this principle it is actually quite easy to just use English because you can focus your your learning in the right kind of way okay