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* ✿ * Round - a volume, double petal of a kanzasha. * ✿ *Round - surround, double petal kanzashi. * ✿ * - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:03: Hello it again I'm glad you amine welcome to your channel magic box Thank you for visiting to me today I want tell you how could have done a beautiful flower made it very easy and simple it all made of round petals are made an unusual now I you will show you how you can do you need two colored satin ribbons a width of 5 cm
  • 00:30: it is desirable to were dark and light tone to flower It turned contrastly Now it is like prepared two square 5 of 5 centimeters edge We need to singe they were scattered next step is minimize our square half diagonally
  • 01:00: both squares impose one Triangle on the other light must be under the dark Next, we bend it all in half so that the light appeared top here so here way we do on the following step will be Fixing here these two layers to bottom center like this
  • 01:32: and accurately even Do unto others that's how we end we get round petal
  • 02:09: likewise cut off the lower part of the very a little bit necessary
  • 02:33: here such lepestochek we get round and he get volume due to the fact that Bottom part it is obtained a high can easily thus stand and create volumetric Flower to create this flower you need 9 petals 6 will be on the first row and 3 located on the second a number of the middle, you can paste any decorative bead and flower
  • 03:00: You will learn how do the double round petal if you like This master class I I will be very happy about it Thank you for visiting me thank you for Huskies subscription and all and thanks to the new meetings