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  • 00:00: you Svetlana heh the Features and someone today we are with you learn to do here so here's a daisy to this we need tidy petals when our here such here midpoints points leaves and the foundations for a rezinochkoy scissors let us remember how to do so plump leaf
  • 00:31: kazanshi for this take satin tape 5 5 centimeters slazhivaem it triangle folded the edge wrap crop the
  • 01:03: field crashed this hand on a pair you So and such we required 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 stuff
  • 01:35: now making a lepestochek leaves a satin length of tape 8 centimeters wide two and a half slazhivaem front sides cut off
  • 02:03: the edges singe horoshenechko at pour to our leaflet do not disintegrated turn out
  • 02:34: like this and so we have a leaflet Well it turns out I pre-prepared foundations q I here dragged rezinochku just took the card I cut a round pasted on her satin ribbon and taped rezinochku So start now the collect our camomile
  • 03:02: but also you need thermo pistol gather
  • 05:58: on our mashechka is now ready to sticking
  • 06:03: leaves
  • 07:14: stora mashechka our ready It left on the stick I chose the middle of a such seredinku you Can his God
  • 07:35: cow take the base taste rezinochku
  • 08:04: and glued himself tecktonik is such a remarkable chamomile is was very good rezinochka for little girls if you like leave your no comments subscribe to my
  • 08:30: channel ahead of us will find a lot of new interesting work till