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  • 00:01: Hello and the power of money one of the most favorite dishes our church, but perhaps the most popular This ankle potato today we We will prepare potato stocks 500 grams of potatoes thoroughly boeing peeled peeled potatoes rub on a small grater not miss
  • 00:31: through a meat grinder Wring the liquid is thrown out and give it as a place counselors potatoes add 100 grams boiling milk and mix adding one teaspoon of salt and again mix
  • 01:00: merge and add the potatoes had settled to the bottom starch mix add 30 grams flour mixed to obtain from the People's Artist the place where the potato master whose roast potato fritters well heated vegetable oil at moderate heat the high side education golden rosy brown
  • 01:31: serve potato pancakes with hot butter or with sour cream recipe for homemade cream available on our website video cooking point rubles or Russian video cooking point t f In chapter simple wall Obama inspiration good luck, and it was nice and drink and so