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  • 00:01: period Today I showed Obama as do Make a note of legends clogs number 72 violet of Montmartre experts let's consider I want to tell you Colonel facials that way which we are doing February 1st times a week the percentage of the withdrawal has taught us cosmetologist find a style and image WHO held positions with the methodology of how to right thing to do performed bribery Skin principle and much more
  • 00:31: interesting and let's make a cavity Mexico cleared 100 that preferably two or three the date of the previous year therefore let today I just h It means that I need and for that I need to do makeup remover We have a department we will not tonic is obligatory m about what Karpin after all this is not necessary will be
  • 01:00: night cream because I'm doing this evening already on Nalchik in color I need to pay eye cream I need to scrub me We need to mask the report notes that using care for real start regarding the need to change the tea shoot Take I agree I in this case I rented separately eye makeup Albina Makeyevka Schmitz because the cilia they are teaching
  • 01:30: I believe a woman's body rub them need attention factor pig he looked after them the There are now using a cisco for Eye Makeup Remover code appropriate and not a very good tool and unnecessary complete this year Now I told them but his own shadow and thresholds the percentage of explained everything about this we do by
  • 02:01: massage lines Massage opinion is buying the EU Adygeisk from the inner donut on top of the current book and the bottom of the external cube news if such a circular motion and very useful thing it is massage given SMARTS Tigipko
  • 02:40: Everything is clear to the whole makeup around the eyes and such commissions are foundation and now I the estimated value of Japanese cosmetics So the field As you know I use for this Oman we have cosmetic advisors by mac clearance but Kulaeva
  • 03:07: again to become a leader in the massage lines but they themselves are Now Leeds center periphery camp under the nose of the court marshal of the Senate barrel we too the relationship from the bottom up it is a separate smaller than grow it rod not Poland
  • 03:33: as I said to you and it is very stressful well removes much of eyelashes I have his family of the year I take on a parachute yes like this and servants but also carry it to the dough soaked Plisnich cockpit weaken yen eyes exhibition, even if we have a little bit I hit in the eye on the bottom feed currency I think this is a big plus is good suitable to shoot for cosmetics eyes
  • 04:06: Now let's all wait a few seconds to all this country, and I'm losing show further as a percentage of the main purpose of this butter few seconds passed, and now I will process on the basis of KAMAZ where founder eat take it to the ration cans I'm just a human cushy show a little bit here soaked pen
  • 04:30: and here and so from Shirov look because this picture is that there this oil which said contact with water and the percentage of tax as well as a little bit now I like I sang oil and now I'm going to mess wash wash I at the same time
  • 05:00: shell I is such a smile coldplay cancer So I power driver Porsche skin but no makeup no skin in Biisk in my opinion there is good as it is now and as I He said after each contact with water we need to sell amateur lipid balance of the skin and for this we use tonic that is, after each contact with tons of water required
  • 05:40: after we took advantage of only one bright color and count This time the following stages ct instead of Anatoly Kucherenu recently I bought until this was my purchases on Care of interest as the lawyer and I his dad today use Here is such, and they have broken
  • 06:01: pink army will be special for the spar recruitment and I'll take one myself a little Datsika note that this special rubber seat served nurses masks sets here together with 605 Kim uses this name to washing if fishnet Damascus simplicity and how to order one person to such materials at hand, I always I buy already in the playground October, TG, and I know that it will be the
  • 06:30: expensive that there is a natural that's probably clear former where there is a reminiscent of such leave face here is a quote on CSKA pleased with him already typed on points
  • 07:25: fashionable scrubs literally portal a maximum of two minutes long put
  • 07:30: We do not need to have a base heading to Anapa not enough Well Well once again continued the amount It does not mean the next time podelnitsa tonic from those who are the same no face mask using mask is very simple deshevenky least enjoy this mask from the introduction of, see
  • 08:00: below its arrival this series of masks there are three kinds Products already half dancing left gymnasts in a single package tetra It is such a cleansing mask mask vitamins and officials of us catalog of difference m purely visually that they have different mark will be removed eg Now use this cleansing mask gai and we shot here and so the scale on dries up and the person responsible it will be interesting but these vitamins caressed example
  • 08:30: removed from the holes Makeup Remover respond Motor Show washed save various different masks purpose was different way and it means I have the same does not I normally problem at all using she told me a little of atheism at the picnic cream I use it it is based on the elucidation of December 8 including some after quite so in the slightest what the impact on the skin and it instantly I recognized and I am in communion
  • 09:01: that's so bad but the sport where it is difficult that we do we open it masochku No pour it the government finally masks but also from this m in this backlog the words Ozkan project but this would very much Stalin does not follow the text will not be in order to respond have a brush for you this special thematic brush and He begins to wear it on her face
  • 09:47: incidentally applied to the upper lip does not necessary just if you want you can do it on This site is obligatory
  • 10:17: the village paid a mask though these become US left is already explained to me I do not need fairly thin layer on the offensive vegetable oil is denied sixth Summer can be left at 15 for 20 minutes we wait
  • 10:31: These 15 20 but if there is an exhibition of Damascus Stalin, it must necessarily follow so small you can not leave mask for more time than indicated in the instructions then girls that part of the video of some removes the mask Hyundai strange way I and my Kadima and have opportunities to retake it not can this ground and a few days ago Dagestan re doing the same mask so that the body
  • 11:00: It expresses expanse of the theoretical as It was a mask it falls on the same time and finam covers this film 1 d know it when the book was written by a pen east Media was removed so that's just as well latest beats just a lighter shade allegedly opened and you like ii crossing one or two layers removed then I went to wash that was farther what they were once again back in power
  • 11:30: in addition to supporters I just left the deputy agent who use and only at night during the first, I sent I found his eyelashes and care of Using 20 years of service while here SELA only part of which are zero and singing the lash of which was under Arch vodka care hospital for the night soldiers go experiences balm disney envious
  • 12:01: at night some sort of vodka-Saharan Africa, and I am glad that Policy eye cream I as always the novelty will not get used as a term add to check how someone will see sect today I use a probe by dior this Cream puffs District of the Congress is now open
  • 12:31: and do not bear report clinics 27 people smells score cream nationality plagiarism eye cream apply 0 Only it is not the moving part of the century the movable coat of arms does not cause Here the bones literally quote
  • 13:01: round and now here down to properly apply eye cream that's it ring finger of it as he DIY type such extension Kremlin the the massage lines and then what I'm saying you can do this massage
  • 13:35: Sarkisian was fed so that's how my daughter holistic and use and care for lash there is and the last is the final stage
  • 14:00: Three weeks have also today Spartak from captivity with just such a large concerns percent which books more in store PC you know what that smells injuries very nice
  • 14:41: that's all cleared and the fire in May prepared for trial this approach Repeat watch your skin and properly looked after and let that try the most beautiful most healthy favorite fondest and I have all the problems not yet