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The scarf connected on a ruler. Brumstik part 3 - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:10: so we scored edge sera this drew garnish loops and neatly
  • 00:30: reset with line loop typed Now we collect again the same number of loops how much air we we always recruited these samples here I I have won again repeat the last pull loop
  • 01:04: not to twist 's apply it to line tightens and We start again typed introduce in a loop hook We take out a new not twisting apply our pieces they I switched again
  • 01:33: introduce the hook in the loop We take out the module not to twist need to apply our right hand can pull the index is still once we introduce the hook in loop We take out more
  • 02:06: and pounce on this stencil case, the ruler and so pull loop to end so we set scored the last sample on line tossed a loop Align them and
  • 02:33: neatly We begin to drop but I want to warn ever after you make a set will count the number of loops always you we equally so as not to err set do attach to Glenn 3 More inlaid edge extreme case you can It will happen here dissolve and behold these
  • 03:01: the tail end and thread useful in further so Example 1 lined loops and We begin to drop Here we have a sample Now, we turned doing the same thing that done before that is
  • 03:31: 6 loops inserted one another take a large hook We begin insert 356 We took 6 stitches and took
  • 04:02: 6 loops of another color Again, I remind stay tuned to the loop not twisted They came one after another and jam through
  • 04:31: so dragged Now in these green insert a series of 6 stretched unwrap shock loops were carefully then again the green
  • 05:00: gone 6 loops dragged as Now Gray 54 56
  • 05:41: and where you tell them to end of the row and the way we We put in all loops 1 one other, and here at We had a sample here such Sharpe
  • 06:03: a sample on which depending on the the number of loops You will be holes smaller or larger than this already in your discretion imposed we introduce before the end of here the edge
  • 06:31: thread and then what we do Next, we must necessarily tie a tie necessarily edge scarf two sides which are not forgotten to loop went one side of the left that right desirable
  • 07:01: not to look in one direction tying the scarf was turned can be two-way it is necessary to push the pull I wanted to tell you what's different This is where I loop One thing to another one little thing supplied
  • 07:30: but here at home through is that the edge inelastic you you need to choose elastic inlaid He ran to the edge and the night will ugly lie so also interesting sample and in the same way It can be done several bands on This was a scientific
  • 08:00: thin thread here is one of the ends of the earth second life began here is a sample It can be done I repeat that please contact a small sample Think about how much you loops should be one some burg paste be sure to painting adopted do
  • 08:33: fringe here in his temple its color here color fringes this color and its It is very nice the original ball
  • 09:00: All the best Thank you for attention