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  • 00:00: Hello I yuri Shatohin today you I will show you how to download youtube and and without any programs in two clicks You choose a video want to download and in the address bar Now I will show you a in the address bar between 3w. and youtube and fits two English letters with large or small does not no meaning now
  • 00:30: show how Now select for blinking cursor switched on English layout and have written two letters to and press enter here We loaded before story goes to the site we help download files from many popular sites and when there was a picture then you can already download defaults are two formats mp4 720
  • 01:01: pixels is the most best quality 360 pixels is here the file will be about three times less but the quality worse I have an opportunity select other we formats I personally stop download the p4 I recommend to you too click and go I'm not downloading wait until she he finished the I have a file pumped and we launching
  • 01:33: Now the file downloaded my to see if example, you have downloaded mp4 file and your player does not Now he plays mp4 download Ne plays this file simply as an Internet icon that is you whether or not the codec or you this player use you can change expansion here in
  • 02:01: Currently there Expansion is not but we go let your Player does not show mp4 and it shows avi how to change expansion of open service folder properties and views move the cursor hide extensions for registered file types Now apply okay we came here
  • 02:31: expansion we highlight mp4 delete point reserve and English layout inscribe avi click on any free space Desktop us He asks after change extension It is this File may be are closed really want change the extension Yes and I have exactly the same already save
  • 03:00: There is now, I remove it and it does not give two of the same file You can not be on the computer I had even though point put so we repeat fits avi and confirm all he renamed Now he is from mp4 It turned into avi extensions are not changed always possible to big movies or pinched by other codecs, but it was with youtube it turns
  • 03:30: brainer that I will It is shown here, and we see what he reproduced means for changing the windows 7 expansion it showed you how xp windows 7 I will and showed major type how to change file extension to windows 7 start panel management for facilities use in upper right corner choose view small icons and We are in general list of options folders
  • 04:00: click on the label and in the window that opens go to the tab kind of ticks hide extensions for registered types of press files apply change the extension of all So I have familiarized that is not need any program if you do not want to install the program has a very many convenient programs and have
  • 04:30: and many use the I itself take many programs but if you want to quickly download free any programs and you do not know how the So I showed you that between 3w. and youtube and you need to enter two English letters and a push here and now I have I introduce you to Chinese player relatively new wondershare player that I
  • 05:02: like the fact that he is no different from a player who m reads all formats it also reads all Formats and he made here for the convenience to do let's picture I need to do here Now picture this or do I frame Pause Press picture I have immediately It appears this frame So he shot this
  • 05:31: snapshot here it's the frame or directly to playback I can take a picture and press and immediately instantly It appears wring Player more So he was clearly this picture that is not need any hot Key to remember and all that so it then first convenience here for full screen
  • 06:01: we push full screen and to collapse press enter here Now all settings can, in principle, right click on display and settings player and all that you can click here setting here player or f5 choose file associations if you want to you all reproduced select all and if you love it and media player that
  • 06:30: It does not reproduce but only the video and audio files if you love that you want and are used to the fact that the music plays another player such as I have I do not I want to have my any video player I play music Now you click on cross other media find mp3 or those formats in which you play music and take away tick here Okay I have to apply here already cleaned so I set up here and here
  • 07:01: a picture in which format, the three formats You choose on of default png but here instead save you set up to where you need I have set up on your desktop Buffet update each week is check for updates completely free player the association we looked playback remember the place play it if you have somewhere stop looking
  • 07:30: the film then when you Again click on the file he us It comes precisely from that seats reproduce what you are finished but look Basically all I do here introduced a new Chinese player wondershare I will give a link to the description under description of their video and showed how download from youtube and inscribing two letters only here in this place on this all up
  • 08:03: goodbye subscribe to my channel all you good