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Diabetes. How to reduce the Sahara Level In Blood Folk Remedies?  See details »

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  • 00:00: informative School of Life magazine. Vladimir cattail like reduce the level blood sugar treat diabetes by means of national medicine school of Life . helpful Tips for all occasions life diabetes significant ill the number of people in most of them Type 2 diabetes mellitus insulin independent As a rule, this form Diabetes occurs in elderly people
  • 00:30: especially those who It is overweight and disregard appropriate age mode Power in the People's medicine accumulated great experience decline blood sugar levels using drugs of drugs number of plants plants that can help diabetics significantly and many of them found everywhere and cause much problems in the procurement and independent preparation preparations wherein do not forget that recognized natural cure for diabetes there is in the treatment of
  • 01:00: folk remedies even those that will seem very effective needed Consultation with a doctor endocrinologist and regular control blood sugar levels natural that in parallel with use of funds Traditional medicine it's desirable abandon use alcohol and smoking follow rational mode power which there must be many fruit vegetables nuts, dairy nutritional products diabetics should be present cabbage and cucumbers especially legumes beans beets river onion garlic spinach
  • 01:31: parsley salad is not sweet apples and pear citrus especially grapefruit and Viburnum berries blackberry and rowan, and bilberry cranberries walnuts cereal grain bread, low-fat dairy products fruits vegetables and berries it's desirable eat raw or at a minimum heat treatment even porridge better not boil and cook out cereals and drenched boiling water and seasoned gift SBU By the way, as they independent healing drug can be used
  • 02:01: two tablespoons crushed in coffee grinder buckwheat cereals in a glass low-fat yogurt taken in the morning and evening 40 minutes before Medicinal Food most plants often used to normalization of blood sugar Helichrysum Veronica St. John's wort plantain leaves of strawberries and blueberries and cranberries blueberry black currant and blackberry bay leaf clover woodlice nettle wormwood Horsetail hawthorn berries and rosehip and elderberry burdock root
  • 02:32: dandelion wheatgrass Knotweed Jerusalem artichoke and chicory lilac buds and birch aspen bark young leaves and partitions walnuts there are many recipes cooking drugs the simplest version potatoes cabbage juice cabbage Jerusalem artichoke, or red beet who drink thirds cup 30 minutes before Food in the morning and evening instead of cabbage juice can use brine to reduce sugar is widely It uses ordinary
  • 03:02: onions tablespoon spoon of onion juice take twice day before meals with a bow can cook infusion for this medium onion quantities of finely cut and pour a glass boiled water room temperature kept for at least 2 hours drink thirds cup 3 times a day half an hour before meals the same principle Prepare infusion and green feathers garlic that pre-need chop and better if you do not grind arranges smell bulb can be baked
  • 03:32: not in the oven microwave baked onion eat 1 time per day morning or evening for half an hour prior to receiving food addition of cook onion infusion vodka of one to ten or alcohol and 15 tincture take twice a day teaspoonful diluted in the water of drugs plants to apply for lowering blood sugar more often made infusions for cooking It is highly possible use inflorescences and leaves clover tablespoon chopped raw
  • 04:02: pour a glass boiling water of about 200 milliliters insist not less than taking three hours a third cup 3 times a day before meals the same principle cooking and receiving infusions of dried bay flaps sheet green beans birch buds St. John's wort rowan berries grass horsetail leaves nettles and blackberry take two tablespoons spoon in a glass boiling water and roots dandelion and burdock teaspoon of the drink infusions of thirds Veronica cup dry fruits
  • 04:32: barberry flowers elderberry for infusions take on tablespoon take the cup two tablespoons three times a day kidney lilac too brew a tablespoon but take a spoon just a teaspoon 3 times a day for preparation infusions widely used comprehensive collections of of a few drugs plant them ratio can found in reference books but you can make independently taking the basis of the number of raw materials used for cooking infusion from each plant species for example two
  • 05:02: tablespoons of horsetail and leaves of bilberry one tablespoon clover and leaflets green beans one teaspoon of roots Burdock per liter boiling water ready complex charges you can buy in a drugstore as well as kits the individual drugs plants from drugs plants contributing reduce the level blood sugar can brew Flavored tea and from chicory roots cook coffee substitute for Tea is well suited St. John's wort flowers of linden berries and rose hips hawthorn leaf clover leaves of wild strawberry
  • 05:32: blackcurrant and cranberries significantly less than the infusion and used a decoction since their cooking lost part nutrients but some plant cook namely decoctions e.g. from aspen bark for this tablespoon chopped dried bark pour cup of boiling water and stand on the waterbath or low heat for at least 20 minutes take a decoction 2 tablespoons 3 times a day before meals sometimes make the broth and of burdock roots blueberry leaves
  • 06:02: grains of oats medicinal teas if it turns out to for 10 minutes boil on low heat dried pears Viburnum berries and mountain ash berries can use and frozen such drink a decoction for days instead of compote at references and Internet can find various options preparation fees and cooking drugs from drugs Plants do not forget that before taking drugs prepared by folk recipes medicine it's desirable consult it will help your doctor
  • 06:32: pick up optimum composition raw method cooking preparations and course treatment of school life. ru as the author of the article reduce the level blood sugar treat diabetes by means of national medicine Vladimir cattail