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▶ How to close armhole loops by means of a hollow cord (I-CORD). The termination - YouTube\u000d\u000aThe armhole is formed at the expense of the shortened ranks, then the I-cord with simultaneous closing of loops of an armhole joins open loops of an armhole. Such processing gives accurate edge in that case when in an armhole the sleeve is not sewed (topics, vests).  See details »



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  • 00:21: we closed a rounded portion armholes sex cord once again remind you that thus it is possible close to the armhole vests in Topeka
  • 00:31: blouses, sleeveless that is then when armhole then will not hands and explode so we tied a rounded portion armhole and now we it is necessary to knit armholes height knitting hollow cord and we started with several rows auxiliary yarns Now auxiliary thread we remove and open hollow cord loop will put on needle let's find these loops of the hollow cord
  • 01:01: Here one loop of the hollow cord so she's Another loop is hollow although cord we started with knitting 3 loops now we see obviously only two loops so happens always when knitting then continues in the other direction and so we're here these Two loops are we found will put on the needle here
  • 01:33: one loop here and the other loop supporting we are now thread remove one nadrezhem loop associated with helping to thread And so it will pay auxiliary thread two hollow loop Cord is now in our left and we have to spoke there were three loops one loop we Now lift out the bottom of which lies a series
  • 02:00: hollow cord so she Dress this loop on the left needle and so we face a number of dovyazali to end here we work thread Now we will knit armhole height simultaneously provyazyvayu shelf and hollow cord loop even draw your attention to the loop between the floor and the cord
  • 02:30: this shelf here loop is a loop it is necessary to knit seamy loop for to the floor, and if cord will pull armholes and there partial knitting We will impose on the floor and a cord for to do it necessary to carefully this loop it was linked so wrong Now we knit it and further so will knit in the personal purl rows loop So these are three loops hollow cord
  • 03:00: we have them in provyazyvaem the end of the facial series face turn work on the wrong side at the beginning of the back a number of hollow loop we do not remove cord knit here so we shoot 3 hollow cord loop thread reserve to but this work the thread is left of hollow cord we it then remove Now we continue knitting
  • 03:30: of the back of a number of tie it to the end This front row at the end of the facial series in this case, with side of the armhole hollow cord loop we knit face We grow on the job wrong side and then purl row in purl row hollow cord loop we
  • 04:01: not shoot knit work thread reserve to work further we continue to knit a back row so We continue to knit armhole at the same time Cord floor in facial ranks of the loop Cord floor we knit face and backstitches ranks hollow cord loop we we will shoot neprovyazannymi here
  • 04:31: so accurately It looks armhole treated deck cord so she It looks from the front hand and so she It appears on the reverse sides This concludes the lesson on