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Shtrudelki with the Sorrel - YouTube

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  • 00:25: Hello, I'm Alain Spirin and you see The program is easy I love tasty
  • 00:30: good food every day, I cook some simple but delicious meals today they combined total rolls on the subject Refreshments will be rolls of eggplant them hot rolls of fish she sweet rolls Shevelyova when the menu there is dough we are preparing usually start it is a test I I sift the flour put it chilled butter
  • 01:00: cut into small pieces and immediately add salt and a pinch of hands I make the flour and oil in the crumb ie cook chopped the dough does not should strive to the fact that all the crumbs They were of the same size the largest can be the size of pea but what We can not allow any
  • 01:30: circumstances of this to flour and butter They turned in one greasy mess then the dough will not work such as it there must be something soft crumbly gentle in general has all the qualities that we We expect chopped dough knead it a long time do not need different forms gluten and dough get tough prolonged once
  • 02:00: it is possible to collect as Now balloon it suffices to knead 3-4 times all the dough ready need it immediately divided into About 8 parts within the same
  • 02:31: the dough does not seem Intermedia she correctly and must be form short Slay them in their dough Air pockets and during baking the dough out very light and crumbly the board with Mr. done Quiz closes film so that the dough does not zavetrilos and in such a tidy in
  • 03:01: refrigerator at least dough for 20 minutes It should cool as a must be until the dough in fridge bake eggplant for rolls specially chosen long narrow thin eggplant and sliced them along to such
  • 03:31: tabs thickness about half centimeter of skin I do not clean just in this dish I like it to It has tabs can fried in oil but I can bake Shots baking foil every tongue each eggplant slice with grease the two sides oil
  • 04:02: olive and spread to pan so the eggplant is not Only take less oils and they take oil as sponge but also gain a little bit different on compared fried the taste of eggplant put in the oven's grill eggplant slices browns very
  • 04:30: quickly it is important not to give they burn and while I have these a few minutes I I can cook filling these rolls that wrap in eggplant slices here it is number of options just not reread my favorite This example cottage cheese cheese, garlic and herbs or nuts and garlic greens or just greens today I cook our family
  • 05:02: Tashkent option Rolls of eggplant and around the greens an equal number of dill and cilantro, and I chop parsley fine-fine like this I shift into a bowl squeeze this green mass 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • 05:31: It can be very small but you can chop just to survive through press one tomato so what is called pink normal heart or I Yusupov met options just when tomato rubbed in herbs I think is wise to Cut the tomatoes in
  • 06:01: small pieces I shift tomatoes with juice matter as follows Salts and stirred here such a simple green summer is very filling I managed
  • 06:30: until the ideal stuffing eggplant parched Here they are rosy they can be a little bit drizzle with vinegar when they lie down become softer than from the exit of oven more flexible and they can be easily roll out stuffing I put the stuffing on the of the tongue which is wider
  • 07:01: And so opportunities carefully small curl roll whether there are any rolls to wind in advance and leave them in the refrigerator is will not snack while just a dream but in general According to my observations than you were not and stuffed rolls of they eggplant disappear from the table instantly and sometimes
  • 07:31: they disappear right out the refrigerator without even having to get on the table so they not only good watered their mayonnaise the dough has cooled from his refrigerator you need to get by one lump all the rest time continues
  • 08:00: cool if you get several while oil melted and the dough is will such as need when we roll out the dough inevitably have pour board or paper as I am today flour but a layer of flour must be the ability to fine to minced dough you ready baked Rolls was like
  • 08:31: puff roll dough you need a special way from the center to themselves and from the center of then himself turn the dough and again to himself from himself to Statement by yourself so not violate and layered dough can turn the dough and continue rolling is not necessary
  • 09:01: strive to that we were there some specific Form is much more important that the thickness of the dough everywhere was the same minced dough on cream such as I I prepared today It can be rolled in very thin almost transparent layer it is surprisingly elastic when it Roll out and Loose ready product
  • 09:32: Now I think that is thinner it is not unrolled postpone the dough into side and the cutting I have it lying on napkin because for stuffing leaves must be absolutely dry slice them thin ribbons typically heaven is used for soups less like a salad greens here
  • 10:01: friend He suggested to me is interesting and unusual using This ground sheet I really love for the sour taste make it sweet I think that the rolls one wheel from me enough pours out ribbons sorrel on the dough can be
  • 10:30: put this nominal roll along one edge but I like more stuffing was distributed evenly sprinkle with sugar sorrel why not balance it little acid amount of sugar obtained resulting in a very interesting taste Now gently I turn off the roll
  • 11:06: edge can bend here is a small neat kulechek same can be formed and the rest of the roll and they can cook with any filling
  • 11:30: apple cheesecake but the cherry filling must be dry enough I do such here small incisions tip of the knife to steam out I passed on to pan steer clear and Jacob some warmed up 180 degrees long twelve minutes until It will not be rosy
  • 12:11: Well two kinds rolls eggplant and sorrel I have already prepared left to cook Only fish roll I had sea bass fillets boneless skinless its ambassador seasoned with a drop
  • 12:31: olive oil just a little sodium from the top and do not believe I wrap up half of cut off and sealed this roll I put on a toothpick
  • 13:01: a dish in which will roll prepared speech French roll origin and It means to turn usually twist rolls are made of meat but today our experience has shown that can cook pretty interesting rolls very different products from fish from vegetables rolls of dough
  • 13:32: the main thing that was fantasy and desire time I think that 1 filming ie halves the fish will be enough for a small I put the plate portions with rolls steamer put on Ten minutes later, I think this time will enough the fish is completely prepared and I can only give thanks factory kitchen
  • 14:01: Furniture for newline provided Kitchen model boston Today I have a day reason for a snack rolls eggplant and greens garlic and tomato on hot rolls
  • 14:30: of fish fillets with ginger shake it sweet cogs and sorrel I hope you will want to cook for recipes that I I suggest if you do not We managed to record always possible watch the program on the channel's website kitchen tv cook at home cook with it simply delicious to you Alain was to Spirin meetings