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  • 00:05: pattern crow's feet very good Despite the high Threads volume type acrylic, that is, on the sixth We analyze it again Here are the best of the scheme the fact that I found it as it's turned but it is not for us hence it is important to first three rows and tied here pattern repeats It consists of four
  • 00:31: series Here are the first three similar to tally Here is such a basis Now I added and another thread Now we direct colors and on the most interesting Again, I want to say which is not quite accurate scheme that you see there is no column Here in this place that
  • 01:02: there's 1 to 1 air loop to associate a column one sc 3 air tie hinges and now we legs do it so it's such Here lush bars first go here We pull away the most important thing in this pattern here to achieve To behold these
  • 01:31: legs were the same Here I am three times handed thread is now I come here to this cell pull This naturally these should broach be longer Now most of the bottom cell it will pull This will be the most how long broach
  • 02:01: drink and get into every check three times between extended from the cell loops do sc following a check here already a little smaller and last thing
  • 02:34: Now all that's the fuzziness neatly provyazyvaem together anchoring just such a nice cat we got then knit 3 air loop column with sc over
  • 03:01: Box game here we were you last accurate bar over a column between paws and the following h to now move on to the following the same foot first magnificent
  • 03:33: column, we go for the same cell Next down the diagonal here pull longer threads and bottom of the
  • 04:00: Top channel rubbed youtube and that's the last Now it all neatly neatly stretch out came another leg
  • 04:31: on then let's finish number 3 air hinges the last column saying yah such here turn the foot well Now I have these strings they are not exactly equal not on secondary now we knit 3 rows
  • 05:00: Now it color and The following tabs we will go greyish let now I see these three see years I linked to three a number of different color So again changed color bar with knit sc in the first cell and now beginning to knit
  • 05:30: Folders also do 3 air loop here of the cell We pull this cell, we must find three times more powerful One trick here is not just lush
  • 06:00: the last column to do sc azianu not without reason enter the following cell two or three times and The latter is done sc lowest on one two Three finish sc Next time 2
  • 06:34: three finish sc and the last time Nikopol three and here nakida I do not need quite all dragged and dragged tied plump fix a different chain Locking loop
  • 07:00: 3 air loop and 3 column one sc 1 column knit the same cell where to beaching magnificent this column we central column three well cut following foot here these we We now obtain what was needed nakida in the end, let's
  • 07:33: look here at we knitting I turned completely the same bilateral and here where we do not nakida We have done here But about such severity that is, if you need to namely bilateral knitting then type Baby Soft some the latter need to make such samples products
  • 08:00: who shot to this pattern carry is not quite correct product samples you can find my site ssylochka It will be on video