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  • 00:00: why neck treacherously issue the woman's age and whether this He knows my struggle they are a friend Swan neck or Whether short, thick evil any neck issues the woman's age why it is a great cosmetology problem because First we used to apply cream to face but sometimes forget it
  • 00:30: and on the neck of the first point and the second point more important than the first is that we We used to go his head bowed down but usually very rarely rises head up so one of the main exercise will have we drawing back head back that is, you want to say that drooped skin and muscles of the neck can be fix some way of course you can correct if make the muscles in neck run the show coated with a thin
  • 01:00: such a thin cloth muscle called it pay mo and we have it very easy to sag It becomes loose in have very little glands of the neck because so that the neck is very slightly moistened It dries very quickly so we will make today run all neck muscles and chin best except that neck elasticity also the best shape of the face and in We are not from this here such here Shiro vein like bodybuilders their cool when the head into the shoulders
  • 01:30: The fact that they bodybuilders Here's the swing muscles that here they are make a special if we exercise often raise shoulders upward example Hold the phone here So we press shoulder or just the weight of our problems It makes us hunch lowered head down the really you can smoothly head move in the shoulders but Does it save us from problems with the neck
  • 02:00: Here we grow muscles and here too they me by no means I will show case exercise complex which unloads and nape of the neck and It is working well front and I see this chair It means we will do sitting given Duchamp and on the beach What will you do together with us correct our first exercise we put hands with a cross on his chest Thus, we we just simply keep the skin to it we feel
  • 02:30: slight drag teeth not much closes to keep both be veiled and lips also covered extend chin strongly strongly upward delayed by 5 seconds and return back down well feel good try feel like stretched muscles neck when we are neck muscles they stretch also come in tone down and return as a Generally we head yes we have omitted here muscles overstretched
  • 03:00: we stretch them so thus tones details presses skin for yourself and good but we press more on the chest not shoulders but on the breast that is we and chest Booster yet we pull it upward pass neck stretched and chest also pulled new was wearing better than in the neck stomach so a year still well stretches chin up to hold 5 seconds May 4 are drawn further More chin
  • 03:30: We pull up three another 21 back back it was hard Know before extraordinary necessary quantity reps from three brought to about 10 Go ahead yes very mysterious exercise is It called scoop we need to throw head back and already out this provision lower lip cover the top It is beautiful and exercise so I I would like to see how
  • 04:00: my business or are looking for Rogen and because inspiration and repeat She tilts her head back and lower lip bridge I not overlap watch reimplemented top I can not speak the same goes closed and returned so that no one the lower lip that is, we an additional so it pulls the thread remember this one anecdote about I can not
  • 04:30: so you keep well Now we are there and then we omit yes no We remain in the state of affairs 10 just right lip covers the top seriously but seriously You do not always find agree exercises very nice and but nice and helpful and hard in exercises easily beauty covers it modestly covering so that the denunciation I got used to roll guk go on third
  • 05:04: an exercise it is called cam Now We thrust knuckle arms put his fist under his chin trying Moreover, if earlier We tried to close mouth now we We are trying to open his mouth Pressed on hand well open up your mouth and close resist good can fist put on the table and we open your mouth so to see stars begins to feel included neck muscles
  • 05:34: do such and at 10 rad Who has the second chin to 20 you do not have enough Nadia Well done among other jokes but jokes felt course feel as if do this exercise always result is it clear following exercise It called giraffe cam means we scoop giraffe fingers are pulled shoulders down start
  • 06:04: arms straight pull shoulders down thereby we remove this one effect when the head into the shoulders we had such arms and we were forced to revel down chin throws Now look rovnenko Forward looking Statement like this for over a nose so natural and We begin crown drag strongly strongly ceiling We get all the spine extend crown at the ceiling and arms continue pull down as if we in two directions working hands down head up
  • 06:35: We are holding a dangerous and that I have to find a giraffe This just did not see before pulling all once the top is well chin throw back rovnenko keep relaxed and more once pulled down well lengthen neck and makes a long and relaxed and well Now Feel feeling that wanted straighten your shoulders and Now head left such an elongated I tells you if but suddenly it does not
  • 07:05: have felt and our last I would exercise He named his hands under the ass I always knew that Dad and neck Bind called heart but how abortion link palms Put a sit down a priest to We now obtain for to to kill us have to to kill and slightly bend ago By the way, young people remove your hands from under
  • 07:35: full of strangers please your we reveal the shoulders as if in a cave in back and now we I will not say missing an arm's length bony straightened Well my hands floated already checked horse shock okay yes then the blades are well with Ammunition ago join so We feel muscles between the shoulder blades joined and now exhalation presses chin to his pressed and stretched
  • 08:05: chin up and again came at the same time try feel like Leather straight between blades begins stretch forth presses the chin Exhale and forth with breath stretched upstairs again exhalation forward with an inhalation top of perform 10 times stop precisely removes his hands out of Dad and shoulders were beautiful massacre nevertheless I the feeling that we are not only the neck work
  • 08:35: for the whole of the top part of you, too, so feeling because Now you fellows Let's define a so how often we to do this range from a time of day and night and to Moreover, when we We see the first effect If the status of your neck you like it Can these exercises do the whole thing is voluntary but if you have at least some moments that you barely you confuse me
  • 09:05: like the start to make this complex exercise as often how much you not like your neck ie all constantly do not like barely do three once a week is not like a strong you want to quickly correct their shortcomings make every day if contraindications this wonderful complex contraindication is a pain if Are you in pain throw back his head back then do it until you comfortable and convenient the emphasis is not on how to throw back
  • 09:36: head it is to stretch out chin