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Salting and smoking of fat, brisket. My recipe. Part 1 - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:03: I immediately fell in love with childhood for life your ate it a lot delicious fat look in the world there is more delicious bacon Only bacon fat with this quatrain I I start the film which will make of two parts namely a salting and smoking this wonderful product for centuries the fat on Russia was
  • 00:30: strategic product in the to Unfortunately the last it starts on time undeservedly forget to some newspaper and TV shows even It said about him in eating and human health than I categorically I disagree and never Of course I do not agree I have pre-flight his into pieces Of course I would like to so it was a little thicker but pardoned It was enough young that we have the We have here the nose
  • 01:01: but here breast or how else to call common people prosloechka ribs with he had previously filmed they go to the floor or yet it is a different the process of the dish salting it nezateyliv enough fleeting lot It takes time no deficiencies products and ingredients
  • 01:31: seek not to buy all you need is sold in any more or less small grocery store Well to begin process and so I prepared all needed for salting large enamelled pan can be use some wooden barrel oak but in no plastic case
  • 02:01: bucket or in another ammenira packagings and estimates of the total more pre-here 6 liters of water flooded the I already about He throws knows as the number of I So I needed I started the usual crude Water wells have sufficiently pure however in 5 instead of It began somewhere in the city probably better cease and desist later
  • 02:30: then you have to cool down will use to 6 liters of water I I am using 600 grams salts i.e. 1 liter 100 grams of water account all fall asleep Davie in 1 liter of water I also add two tablespoons granulated sugar or one tablespoon here on 63
  • 03:06: four five and six Garlic is not ready yet now it is not clean take further pepper pepper
  • 03:34: before using not a big ground Black pepper here I have someone as like I know approximately how many minutes it is on the eyes officer
  • 04:02: Trang I go in for 6 years coriander a whole could not it enough but enough 2 the main area
  • 04:39: all carefully stir garlic I cast through spadefoot so do not spell gives the aroma and taste of everything
  • 05:00: it is necessary to very carefully that pier no sugar they will not was garlic ready happy for bystrenkomu program spadefoot is an example that amount I a little odd it into parts
  • 05:32: this is also the main overdo us someone greater I love to give way all in moderation passed for now! a mixed
  • 06:02: fresh scent spices garlic It adds a touch of do enough fast what complexity is not much
  • 06:35: more difficult roots not so just in there smoking We need to constantly Eye yes an eye on the minutes even ten growing, and lights went prosloechka if you save all
  • 07:03: he went burn burn it weight loss all enough
  • 07:32: We start earning you can here the principle of no he can can not interlayers usually occurs I order the plump and not flat, not as silver becomes now I All this has laid and show clearly how
  • 08:00: it will all be to look like so not too much time pull withdraw no mates download process completed all laid neat rows at the bottom prosloechka top I put the salad on top cap on the size and on top of a small weight to the entire contents was completely immersed pickle I put the pan in
  • 08:31: refrigerator for 12 days after that the contents of the senses Remove and during two hours appeal make of lobe clean key water Well then smoking enthralling interesting process I show their smokehouse I mortgage firewood falls asleep sawdust which filings
  • 09:00: I use and why so do not forget it will be interesting I'll see you in two of the week all while