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  • 00:00: Why have a headache what to do can it be considered headache normal reaction to changeability weather it is necessary to escape pills or maybe just do nothing and wait when more indented do reply know our expert, I would start with the fact that almost any pain is sign in system occur some troubles it is always a signal for man who show that it is necessary urgently address this problem at the moment
  • 00:30: anamnesis I am very patient often I encounter the fact that the patient He complains of headache pain associated with change of weather this occasion I have noticed that weather as such here quite and it is no more what is not an option time to adjust autonomic nervous under the system of the patient rhythmic changes atmospheric pressure certainly in such cases, the fastest option is receiving some
  • 01:01: anesthetic but this drug not enough because with the help of drug and general process anesthesia we just deafen pain receptors at all without worrying about the reasons for which provoked headache overwhelming a majority manifestations in the form of headache like rule has vascular origin ie simply put it imbalance inflows and outflows cranial cavity is semi-closed hydraulic
  • 01:30: so long as the system not balanced and inflow of criteria and outflow into the cavity we can not talk about adequate treatment chapter will thus doctor task quicly and in including osteopathic physician and should not be reduced Only a selection of nicknames vintage means must be aimed at addressing the causes of these causes can list infinitely in all still the main ones is a violation of statics
  • 02:00: and the patient's dynamics this muscle imbalance which is the cause balance disorders the influx of blood flow this psychoemotional overload and every each of this the problem in each sector may well working doctor quicly including become the main task osteopath It is to facilitate the patient's condition at the first session but of course to to achieve clearly positive speakers need two or three sessions I
  • 02:30: I believe that achievements as well as possible result patient should understand Stages the treatment for which the doctor must always explained that he It is doing what he and makes the final expected result because the human body is an dynamic a system that is in it should all move it is absolutely free Astana operation effect then determine fairly easy when the reception is completed and the man immediately notes sharp amplitude increase sharp movements
  • 03:00: facilitation of movements and the absence of pain as a doctor osteopaths namely system doctor units out there I always I think that it is necessary cooperation between the especially doctors related experts so never it is necessary to consider that osteopathy is it is obvious that the nation is not so with need you always attracts treatment process other specialists in order to to reduce the time treatment of the patient and sharp almost as a rule
  • 03:32: if the headache worried man of Rare does not give this large values are considered a result overwork why, it is timely appeal to It is skilled key to successful the treatment of this particular you and wants video magazine says be the expert attentive to yourself and be healthy