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Self-massage of a neck  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, I'm Vladimir Mardinskiy, massagist. Today I'll speak about neck self-massage. Today almost everybody has the sedentary job. so the neck self-massage is very actual. So, what kind of massage can we do? Let's try to learn it. Please put your hands on the neck. and start to stroke yourself.
  • 00:33: upside down. I'll show you. That's the side view, - you enfold the neck, and make the downward movement. This way. You can alternate hands or do it simultaneously. Then we start
  • 01:07: to make the rubbing movements. You can massage right through the clothes. Hand moves round, doesn't slide over the skin, just shift it. Probably you will feel at the shoulders area
  • 01:37: the painful regions. Don't be afraid, you can very carefully massage them. This way. After the rubbing you can proceed to the kneading. The kneading is when you squeeze the shoulders, You can alternate hands
  • 02:11: or use them simultaneously. Mostly the sedentary job strains these areas. So these are the starkest areas. So we give much time to this particular area. One more time.
  • 02:41: Stroking... I'll repeat one more time. Stroke... Rubbing movements... Shift the skin
  • 03:13: Kneading movements... (Where neck muscles attach to the cranium)
  • 03:47: You can massage the regions in the cranium area. It's rather painful. You can also masage the shoulder joints.
  • 05:08: Stroke with circular movements, rub and knead them. Those deltoid muscles also really need massage. You can also use vibration.
  • 05:41: Very easily... You can make several exercises.
  • 06:13: Head down a while. Head up, Tilt... One side then the other. Pull it up a bit. Turn left, then right. That's it. You should feel
  • 06:49: the warmth, relaxation in you neck, nice tone inside. You can return to you work. Visit our sites and Take care. Good bye.