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  • 00:00: This one option pattern peacock tail it is this pattern, we we will knit strumming sample I I use more thick threads than most tonics make it more clear how fit pattern itself this pattern is its scheme scheme 10 rows here
  • 00:32: illustrated and facial and purl rows the number of loops equal to 17 on a sample rapport is repeated here twice this part and this is only 36 loops start knitting with 4 rows facial loops it's this part of the
  • 01:03: then repeat a pair of ice three times this row elements 2 loops along the front front slope right then and sc facial loop read facial 5 6 sc goes on three pairs of loops 2
  • 01:34: together with the face tilt the left if we have look at the sample what we see here this part corresponds to like halves this fragment followed by a sc facial the date of the arc and then 16 repeated again
  • 02:04: knitting facial on two loops together here this fragment quality repeated sc with facial loops all can be knit first just 4 facial ranks I show knit here prices and purl
  • 02:36: loops classic loops knit from a facial for front wall here so I provyazyvayu 4 rows I Knit 4 rows facial loops in fact it is ordinary Shawl binding us got a cat separation the band then we actual scheme 2 loops along the front
  • 03:06: with a slope to the right three fold because we were binding classical who braid loops facial loops do not 1 pair perenadevaem 2 children the loops lie then we go
  • 03:38: front loop sc repeated five times nakida front January 2 3 4 5 Another aqui Now following us elements 3 times 2 loops along the front inclined to the left to To us, they lay them correctly
  • 04:08: perenadevaem and thus 1 pair provyazyvaem 2 third this figure end here start now Repeat this side that is, we three pairs 2
  • 04:39: loops along the front with right slope 1 the second idea these and again nakida front 1 2 3 4 This sixth nakida I'm back with 3 loops
  • 05:12: front slope to the left perenadevaem one but 2 and 3 Wrong
  • 05:49: what happened while pattern is not seen in seamy side provyazyvayu all loops seamy classical loops's image sc provyazyvaem also wrong so knit to the end
  • 06:49: knit series a back row the following series of 7 It fits well under the 5 2 loops along the front obliquely right 12 3 nakida front 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 loops along the front
  • 07:30: obliquely leftward 1 It was 3 obliquely right 12 again nakida facial 1
  • 08:06: 2 3 4 5 nakida and 1 pair of what length February 3 Wrong course
  • 08:44: a number of knit backing purl loop and classical we knit August 7 series in
  • 09:18: figure was last from 9 to the front side 10 backing 1 pair 2 meetings kiss
  • 09:49: front rollback red oven colors is 100 removal Leva third of their rights
  • 10:31: wall 2 from there are a couple leave the front 3 5
  • 11:04: far from the first face tilt white 2 after all last known knit shell see what turn everything inside sit licking of threads
  • 11:37: We got this one fragment last on repeat Again and facial 6 to shame