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  • 00:00: the program is not smallpox It is effective assistant tracking the processes taking place on computer where it is installed and this video will help you to understand all not on the intricacies uspey visual examples start from step after installation open the file installation, you will see Immediate window the current version is not Things to allowing download most the latest version program after check the version and clicking the Next button appears information text which describes possible not uspey
  • 00:30: it looks like this The following window that opens after clicking it further licensing read the agreement license or not but you decide to move to the next section must be accept the agreement putting check in appropriate row Next we move on We see a window with a selection where will not installed uspey there can also be select the mode installation information of the difference between modes and other
  • 01:00: reference data you you can see here by clicking on button below, you can select the usual labels settings display menu start-up and so on then click install and Sich the most interesting stage use stage programs downloadable through or at start-up Create a shortcut or other available way and look than can please our guinea in upper right corner located pop-up menu
  • 01:30: list of topics design you can choose any favorite subject supply for example black and white Now when you Customize home window by selecting the most appropriate for us Thread move the menu button they have 93 categories tracking 3 in category view the report and the bottom three buttons tracking setup Assistance under the program and Network view in Tracking Menu Press start tracking if not the program registered you will see
  • 02:00: pop-up menu purchase offer or continuation of operation in the test mode with the restriction Time Hit continued after start mode tracking us must produce as much as possible for more action computer to make sure their effective monitoring via She junction try go to a few websites write Post carving and enter the password any online service for example, take account record VKontakte while tracking We deploy the another
  • 02:31: option that perhaps It is the most important for computer spy hidden mode it program of work completely unnoticed so that sitting at computer child office employee or spouse is not a spouse will be able to guess that their actions being watched exit Tracking will help us shift key combination Now we learn how to control m watch the report tracking menu tracking stop tracking menu view report
  • 03:01: choose to view browser, see entry tracking period Hit download and see following menu We leave everything as there and click create the report opens dialog window offering save report not the root folder Things to keep then on offer to open a Report answer yes to the the browser opens, we see the report in convenient and understandable It is reflected in the form of all Activity computer for the period tracking are
  • 03:31: desktop screenshots table saved and input text show running apps here you can to see introduced logins and passwords various online services in opened in report in the browser the top menu item Go to the circuit report where we will see sub-list mounted on computer programs and system files also very comfortably view report slideshow for a this in the reports menu press the button viewing in a slide show Immediate window
  • 04:02: It allows browse Activity on computer in a convenient format player press the button lose and see changing screenshots the screen on the left side windows and place in This time of the event in right below there is a slider which allows change the speed view is also very convenient viewing Report by Category information open windows keyboards us cornering power screenshots activity on the screen and so on if you established not uspey for a few computer, you can
  • 04:32: keep track of them with a network connection with nozzle pressed stvuyuschih menu you will see pop-up window hint how to do it in Setup menu item have watched many different settings that allow to adjust monitoring process to your needs and the last item the program assistance in it you always You can find answers questions related installing and not functioning usb oh how we could not to see the program Things to not only very flexibly and efficiently and
  • 05:03: but also simple and not It requires a lot of space hard drive for missing a few megabytes disk space is lets say that it is perfect cyber spy any qualifications