Lyudmila Tseluyko

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  • 00:00: bright and beautiful it is a very festive dress for the new year but he did not buy a They sewed their own hands and just over an hour style dress simple but ideally figure modeling narrow top and wide Skirt will force hourglass on her skirt It needs only one meter Silk satin and here for the top ready to take knitted vest neck join him with an atlas in to get piece effect dress and the hem of her work
  • 00:30: decorative tape divide meter satin half sew rectangles sides packed suture treated according to House here on my waist we do kuliske buckle edge and hemming measure the length of the gum on the bottom vest and it is passed inside's skirt
  • 01:02: fasten it to the vest new clothes by hand is important check proved even if up to festival was only one hour there time to sew new dress Olga nikishicheva Alexander nick first channel [music]