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  • 00:00: we I'll show you how turn over the cut for one time using with special foot You can use it easy to handle with care means being ready inlay due to iron them slices and simple slanting stripe fabric take the finished inlay cut off the end of a angle and dressed foot Taxes east wind it
  • 00:35: It allows adjust the foot so that the needle I was on one millimeter of folds then put the tape foot in place and stretch end to braid it He appeared from behind foot We put a slice tissue in the cochlea so so that it is firmly into the fold bias binding so we can
  • 01:06: turn over through beika you very independent how to do it I will told to previous master class need stretch Bakey through the central hole snail stitched and accurately just as we have shown thus previously we can turn over cut as direct well rounded all but cut from right angles or tears a vicious circle as the handle sections closed circuit I show in the hand previous master class as well
  • 01:36: process corners I'll show you right now outer corner antogo so you need to youth line reached the edge cloth then you need to go back a little back leave the needle in the fabric and raise the presser foot and then generate Corner foot drop and stitch the corner grab a fold of ki in
  • 02:17: leave the needle in the corner and the fabric and raise foot power part around the needle lower the foot and continue line at which before and beika internal angle need to expand the flog in a line and turn over followed by a letter in the corner Sew like a little tuck turn over funds
  • 03:04: using tabs and tilter and very just need to insert oblique Bakey snail foot put in a groove fabric and stitch line turns perfectly flat but angles are better processed manually for edging outer corner of need Rachev will until the end back slightly back and leaving tissue raise the needle foot form a corner and stitch internal angle you need to prune straighten turn over the cut
  • 03:34: exude Area well when there is additional tabs and supplies but there are operations you can do manually