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  • 00:02: school of Life . Anastasia scale how to cook right kebab warm summer days in most people associated with Camping trip to the country or at least the evening gatherings in the gazebo near the house all these efforts were well associated with only cult widely common and the people's favorite kebab dish though
  • 00:30: it's not even just dish, think grilled meat stick a whole philosophy of science and culture you have it before grunt or something Qudah as you meet many people hear opinions about the correctness his soaking roast eating and even zapivaniya generalizing multinational Lady barbecue experience it can confidently say why would you may cook barbecue chicken fish lamb and pork beef or veal thing to do right choice
  • 01:00: Any meat should and not be paired or but frozen definitely fresh and chilled and frozen less nutrients and skewers of him will never school of fresh meat good barbecue, too not cook 100 Shida as we flow the blood and the meat itself you need to thoroughly marinated important that some of the carcass you take a gentle and juicy kebab obtained from pork neck of the located along ridge on the neck and mutton hams from
  • 01:30: pork leg BBQ will more dry beef tougher and an inexperienced person make it a juicy the dish will be quite complex only part that her good tenderloin on skewers and legs and thighs are not are used but if you buy veal the result will exceed all your standby person not tempted cooking best kebab practice on chicken meat is tender fairly quickly preparing input can be to let any part of the even wings marinade
  • 02:01: salt pepper onion base any marinade in as is can be used acidic liquid wine lemon pomegranate juices and fresh sour curdled milk and it is no vinegar rude and used as rule to not disguise fresh or very tough meat so lazy and buying in store has soaked in vinegar pieces of meat Think of that and how long ago it was prepared to cook
  • 02:30: Exemplary barbecue at home pour the conditions meat first major it absorbs salt All-in itself and does not allow juice then large the size of peas and pepper and then chopped large rings onions if the meat fresh for This marinade will quite enough if not, add liquid chickens usually soaked in Malaga or wine pork in wine sour juice or yogurt lamb or fault acidic juices veal wine sour
  • 03:01: juices and yogurt master secret marinate fit enamelled or clay glassware or in no case be soak the meat in aluminum pan this metal oxide entering into interaction meat and liquids in best spoil its taste and make it worse poison to a campaign on the field meat cranks on skewers evenly fried from all party is not worth it cut too and large pieces
  • 03:30: lest was heard enable optimum one will pieces 5 by 5 centimeters just another kebab not fry thoroughly chicken It can be chopped into pieces with bone strung on skewer and in such a to the table just wings dump that It called together and roasted on the grill lamb should be with bones and in dealing with their pork Tricks to pieces not there must be many fat fat oplavitsya begins to burn because of this meat
  • 04:00: gain unpleasant It has a value i took you nanizhite meat on skewers is not important make him accordion piece enough to pierce only in two places along so that we do not hanging and hung between I live them and onion rings or sweet peppers try to give pieces apart to more evenly roast thoroughly skewers ready to learn Do your dishes make an incision along the meat a sharp knife if the juice can be transparent bring to the table if
  • 04:30: pink meat If juice is not ready you retain moisture skewers do not be discouraged and boldly experiment with the next portion firewood for barbecue cooking best kebab use birch or a pool of dog and all breeds fruit trees apple pear plum cherry cherry apricot peach other vine categorically excluded firewood softwood with a resinous wood they give the meat flavor and we do not score
  • 05:00: no sauces Barbecue poultry and game best suitable firewood fruit species trees lamb and pork and cherries birch or lime firewood veal Birch firewood or both fruit species trees all author articles Anastasia rocks school of Life .