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Video subtitles:
  • 00:12: twisted German Measure out a set of loops thread segment from the end of three or four times longer than our future product and at this point we do
  • 00:30: first sliding loop and inside sliding hinges We put two needles have a index and the thumb of the left hands so that with index finger was there to tangle with a big thumb down end
  • 01:00: strings and then three the fingers of the left hand Practicing thread after that forefinger right hand stick loop and allot spoke then to the left picks up two strings that we thrown on a large finger and omit
  • 01:31: spokes down between these two threads of then allot the right spokes picks up the thread with index pin and threaded in the loop on the knitting needles thumb allot spokes on the right to move forefinger right hand up
  • 02:01: the thumb of the left arms releases the loop and and tightens the noose further repeats the same spokes allot left from the bottom up by picks up two thread with a large finger inserted from the top down between the threads of then allot
  • 02:31: right spokes grab a thread the index finger and dragged her through the loop on the thumb allot right forefinger right hand holds a new large loop right thumb releases the loop and hand movement eyelet
  • 03:00: delayed and so we collect all the loops Here is the loops that we scored edge very tight and twisted
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